Can you help a Whiskered Warrior like Astrid?

Here at the Society, we do everything we can to ensure every cat and kitten that comes into our care is given the best possible chance to find a loving new home. Our work can be hard, and at times very confronting, but knowing that we have your support means so much, and we are incredibly grateful to have you by our side.

Each day our team witness the strength and resilience that cats possess. That’s why we call them ‘Whiskered Warriors’.

One morning in March, our team arrived at the shelter to find a box left by our front gate. In it were two cats, and seven kittens.

What our team saw inside that box was truly awful.

The mother cats and their seven kittens were suffering from one of the most severe and advanced cases of cat flu we have ever seen.

At just three weeks old, these vulnerable kittens were suffering immensely as illness ravaged their bodies; especially their eyes which were extremely infected.

It was immediately clear that some of the kittens, including Astrid, would require eye removal surgery.

We have chosen not to share images of the kittens when they arrived as they are too graphic – it is truly heartbreaking.

The mother cats, who we named Phoebe and Estella, and their kittens were given immediate veterinary treatment and put into isolation, as cat flu is very contagious. At this early stage, we were unable to place them into our Foster Care program as they required intensive and ongoing veterinary treatment.

Our teams worked around the clock to ensure these beautiful cats and kittens weren’t in pain and were being given the very best chance at fighting this awful illness. 

Sadly, one of Phoebe’s kittens did not survive. He was too sick, and his small body could not fight any longer, no matter how much we tried to help him. We did everything we could, but we just couldn’t save him – it was devastating. 

After around six weeks of ongoing treatment, Phoebe, Estella, and their kittens were well enough to be placed into our Foster Care program. Phoebe had made such wonderful progress that she went straight into our adoption program and soon found a loving and safe home with a family who adore her.

Phoebe’s kittens remain in our Foster Care program, where they continue to grow big and strong. Estella and her kittens, including Astrid, are also still with their Foster Carer. While Astrid responded well to treatment, there was no way that her eye could be saved, and she recently underwent surgery to remove it.

Despite such an awful start to her young life, Astrid is a playful and loving kitten who never stops purring. Losing an eye hasn’t slowed her down – she is a true Whiskered Warrior!

Estella and the kittens will remain in our Foster Care program for a few more weeks as their recovery continues. They will then be ready to enter our adoption program to find loving new homes.

While our team do everything we possibly can to help Whiskered Warriors just like Astrid, it simply wouldn’t be possible without people like you. As a not-for-profit animal welfare charity that receives no government funding, we rely solely on the cat-loving community to enable our work.

Will you make a donation to our Whiskered Warrior Fund this tax-time? All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible, and your donation will be put to work immediately to help Whiskered Warriors just like Astrid.

$65 will provide a full health check for a cat or kitten who comes into our care.

$92 will help with medications for cats suffering from illness such as cat flu.

$158 will help prepare a cat to enter our adoption program, including desexing and vaccinations.

$250 will support our dedicated Foster Carers with everything they need to care for cats and kittens who need a little extra love and care.

A gift of any amount to our Whiskered Warrior Fund will have a tremendous impact on the lives of cats in need.

Please give generously this tax-time, kittens like Astrid need your help.

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