Update on Bessie Lou, now known as Zena.

 Zena loves her food and came to us on a diet due to weight gain during her stay at Cat Protection Society. We are continuing to measure her food and with all her movement she is starting to trim down a little. Still working on that but she is now super fast and becoming very fit. She loves her fully enclosed back yard including her jumping platforms and cubby house which keep her safe from neighbourhood cats but she can watch them from the upper viewing platform – which she loves to do.

 In the beginning Zena was timid and scared of going out to her enclosed backyard, she probably didn’t realise how safe she would be out there. Now we have difficulty convincing her to come in especially if the sun is shining. We tend not to let her out during the full sun due to her pink nose and fair complexion,  overnight stays in the yard are one of her favourites, especially on warm nights. She does however have no problem howling at 3am when she is ready to come back in. Our bedroom is located at the back so we can hear her quite well.

 Zena is also quite happy to meow loudly at any time of night to be let out to use the garden bed in her enclosure instead of using her two brand new kitty litter trays in the laundry. The garden bed is about 8 metres wide and she loves digging it over, it looks like we did some garden work with all the digging she does. This is a favourite of hers after being in captivity. From a shy quiet kitty she has certainly opened up to us, she is very affectionate, loves her cuddles and enjoys sitting on the couch watching tv with us.

 Julie works from home – Zena thinks this is great and enjoys being the office cat.

 When we first saw Bessie Lou she looked depressed and withdrawn, this is now not the case. She is very loving and happy. Zena is a triller and quite a talker.

Kind regards,

Tony and Julie



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