Where are they now – Teddy

I adopted Teddy a week ago and I promised to send an update with photos – so here they are!

I’m super in love with this handsome guy.  He’s blossomed into a happy, confident chap who strolls right up to my visitors to say g’day. He’s always close at hand, especially when I head into the kitchen or anywhere near his food supply cupboard.  Teddy loves to be my little spoon while I binge watch Netflix on the couch or head to bed for the evening.  I love to spoil him silly and spent ages in the pet shop this morning while I chose a selection of super premium wet foods for him to sample.  He has toys galore, a scratching post and a cardboard scratcher (which he ignores, despite the application of cat nip spray).  Mostly he just loves to nap in one of the many comfortable places available to him and usually by my side.


I’d really like to thank you guys for the work you do in caring for these gorgeous cats – I truly admire you.  I’d also like to say thank you for the help and advice I received while meeting your cats and making the decision to adopt Teddy.  I love him to pieces.


I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, and I wish you a very happy and safe new year.





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