Our wonderful Members and long time supporters will remember Regina now Reggie, a special feline that needed a special home.  After waiting over 2 years that home was found Christmas Eve 2016. We love to receive updates on all of our felines especially the ones that waited patiently for the right human to come and sweep them off their feet.


It has been two years since I adopted Reggie (she had been at CPS for ~2.5 years) and I thought I would let you know how she is faring.

She still loves spending time in her outdoor enclosure, especially on a warm sunny day. She will sometimes sit on my lap if I place a cushion there for her or she will sit next to me and put her two front feet on my lap. It is also her habit to come up on my lap most nights when I first go to bed whilst I am reading my book (happily purring away). She happily sleeps next to me most nights. Of course she is still cheeky at times and will give me nip or a swipe of the paw, but that is just part of her character.  Her weight loss is slow going, but she has lost about one kilo overall.

Thank you for all the terrific work you do. I love it when a long term cat finds a home.

Kind regards




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