13 years ago we adopted the biggest love of my life. He was long and lanky, constantly hungry and had a big voice. The day we met,  he jumped onto my brothers shoulders making a beeline for the exit and his cheekiness instantly made me love him. You may remember him as Jay. We  named him Pepè (Giuseppe when he’s in trouble) but commonly goes as Baby, Brat or Bugalugs. He is still always hungry, still cheeky and still has the biggest voice. He’s in wonderful health, is the biggest cuddler, and follows you around everywhere. We often have breakfast together and as he’s getting older he’s more reluctant to wake up from naps.  

Adopting  Pepe was best thing I’ve ever done. He brings so much happiness, laughter and love to my life. Although cats are independent and often branded as being aloof, they provide the best companionship when they bond. Although the vet can’t believe hes 13 – there’s a lot of years left in this little guy – I know he’s getting older and I wanted to say thank you for introducing us and send some photos before I’m too heartbroken to do so.


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