Dear Cat Protection Society,

I am getting my mum to write to you on my behalf.

I was pleased but to be honest a little bit envious that my Stepsister Fifi got chosen to be the May Pin Up Girl in your 2018 Cat Protection Society Calendar. As I have been a very loyal pussycat to my Mum Susanne and to Dad Peter as their fur baby and companion for over 10 years. I too was a rescue cat from your organisation (thank you so much for looking after me until Mum and Dad adopted me) at 6 months of age.

I would be most honoured and chuffed if I was to be chosen to appear in next year’s 2019 Calendar.

Some things about me:-

  1. I love to come inside and lie on the bed with my Mum and Dad and then go out to play through my cat door into my jungle outside in my protected area. We can go in and out through our cat door at any time of the day or night and think that we are hunting and out in the wild. Even though we haven’t found anything yet other than an occasional Frog or Spider. We also have our own Hammock and love to laze in the warm sun.
  2. I love my Mum and Dad very much and they love me dearly too.
  3. I love to be cuddled and am a Teddy Bear at heart. I also love to be brushed and rubbed on my Tummy.
  4. I like to be the centre of attention even though Mum and Dad now have to split their attention between Fifi and myself who was the new arrival to our family in September 2017. So now and again, we may hiss at each other or have the occasional swipe to let one another know who is in charge. Of course it is me!
  5. I love to be carried like a baby in Dad’s arms and on Mum’s shoulder around the house and look outside the window to see what other pussy cats are doing in the neighbourhood or birdies outside.
  6. Mum and Dad often take me and Fifi out on our leads to the other side of the garden so that we can eat the grass and see the birds from a distance and explore the other side of the house.

We truly thank your organisation for rescuing us and giving us good homes and a wonderful life that we may not have otherwise had.

Here are some photos of me looking my handsome best!

Love Max

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  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Hello Max,

    How old are you now>?

    Please ask your mum and dad for me. I’m curious as I got my beautiful Meisha from the Cat Protection Society also.I do recall at the time Meisha has some brothers that still had not yet found a forever home.

    Max you look a little like Meisha especially your eyes. My beautiful Meisha would of been 12 in October however I lost my beautiful girl to cancer only three months ago and it broke my heart. I’m still struggling everyday with the loss of my beautiful girl as she has the best personality and she was such a gorgeous princess. We had a very strong bond which I will treasure always.

    Meishas Mum – Forever and always


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