WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Izzy & Letty (a.k.a.Isabella & Juliet)

We love to hear how our all our felines are doing in their new homes, and this is a wonderful update on two seniors who came to us  at 12yo and 13yo. Their owner had sadly passed away and they were scared and did not understand what was happening in their lives.  It takes a special person to adopt a senior let alone two seniors. These gorgeous gals were adopted into a wonderful loving home and will never have to be scared again.


Hi guys just another little update on Izzy and Letty whom we adopted from CPS last year. Both girls are doing well although they don’t quite get along as well as they used to, they both tolerate one another. They aren’t opposed to the occasional grooming session. Both girls have taken to sharing the bed with us which we absolutely love and they enjoy supervised outdoor time each day. We love giving them the best life they can possibly have as we want them to enjoy their golden years with us. They are very happy, Letty absolutely loves belly rubs I’ve never seen a cat that loves them SO much and Izzy is either on your lap, or trying to get on your lap.


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