Inkie has settled in very well. From very shy beginnings of hiding under the couch and not coming out for hours to now roaming the house with such confidence, it is lovely to see this beautiful girl blossom into a relaxed and happy kittie. She enjoys lazing up high in her closet all day and then turns on her wild side at dusk by prancing around the house, getting into everything and being an absolute sticky nose wanting to know everything that I am doing. Inkie loves her toy mouse that has a hint of catnip inside and you can often hear her throwing it around in the middle of night. She also loves to jump on my bed at goodness knows what time of the night and tenderly ‘kisses’ and sniffs my eyelids for some reason, it’s really quite cute. Inkie now rolls on her back and loves a tummy rub and kisses on her forehead. This kittie is simply beautiful in every way and I’m so happy she has found her forever and ever home.

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