WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Ciara and Esme (a.k.a. Cabernet and Chardonnay)


We would like to give you all a little update on how these 2 beautiful girls are going in their new forever home. 

 From the moment we took them out of their carrier they appeared to be very at ease and comfortable within their new environment. 

 They have settled in so quickly its as if they have already lived here. Ciara (black and white) we soon found out is a cheeky little monkey who wants to know everything about everything. She is so affectionate and purrs so loudly it’s amazing such a little kitty can make such a loud purr. She loves being the center of the action and attention. And is quite the little snuggle pot both day and night. She enjoys walking/running across our pillows at 3 am and walking on our chests while purring loudly. She has a big appetite and will gobble up her wet food then will try to eat Esmè’s. Therefore we need to sit between them to make sure Esmè can eat her food without it being finished off by Ciara.

 Esmè  (gray and white) is just as sweet though seems to be the more sensible one. She will patiently sit there while their food is being prepared while Ciara is trying to climb up your leg like its a tree. She calmly eats her food unlike Ciara. She appears to be stealth like in her stalking of her sister too. Her purr is softer but she is just as cuddly and loves to snuggle especially overnight. Chasing shadows and her own tail and stalking Ciara are her favorite pastimes. 

 Together they have so much fun. They love to play and keep each other occupied. They are very much in sync too. When Ciara starts to fatigue and her eye lids get heavy Esmè is only a few minutes from succumbing too. Their synchronicity even extends to toileting at the same time! 

 Their cuteness is off the charts. I think we have both said “your soooooo cute” at least 500 times a day to both of them.

 My partner Rob, who has never had kittens before, is completely besotted with them. He absolutely loves them to bits and cant wait to finish work and get home just to hang out with them and watch them at play. They have really become daddies little girls!

 He spent his entire long weekend in our bedroom looking after them and making sure they didn’t try to pull out their stitches while providing me with regular updates on what they were both up to and sending through lots of cute photos while I was at stuck at work.

 Although we have had them for just over a week we cant imagine them not in our lives now. They are such a joy to look after and watch them play together. They are such sweet little girls who have brought a lot of laughter and happiness into our lives after having to endure the heartache and grief of saying goodbye to my beautiful 15y.o girl Padmè recently.

 I have attached some photos of them in their new home (currently our bedroom).

 We cant thank you enough for all the wonderful work you all do everyday for all the beautiful precious cats who come into your care.

 We would love to continue to keep you all informed of how they are going. 

 Warmest Regards,

 Lisa, Rob, Ciara & Esmè.  


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