Che Che spent over 100 days at our Shelter desperately hoping to be adopted. We are thrilled to share that Che Che was adopted in March and has indeed found her forever home and we could not be happier for both Che Che and her human companions

Hey guys,
Just an update on Che Che. She has settled into her new home and loving it! It took her a couple days to come out of her shell but now she is a very curious and (sometimes) cuddly cat!! She loves exploring the garden and chilling out on my bed. She also loves having a nap on my housemates bed and checking out their rooms. She’s really chatty in the morning and likes to let me know when she’s ready for breakfast. At times she can be really playful and has a good run around in the backyard or up and down the hallway. Everyone who meets her falls in love and we’re all so happy she’s here.

 Thank you!!!

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