Marshmallow (formerly Arial) is about a year old now. Not super cuddly, she is an independent lass who will play fetch with Mum (so long as she has a Lindt ball wrapper – no substitutes) and has laid claim to some of  Mum’s yarn collection. She loves looking out the windows, watching the occasional car and all of our native birds, and the family’s 2 budgerigars.
Our young asthmatic and cat lover was mildly allergic (we had no idea) with Marshmallow, but over the year Marshmallow has been tolerating a weekly bath well (to reduce dander) and a few months ago we stretched out the time between baths and it’s now been 2 months and no wheezing (hooray). Mum’s happy to not be having her demise plotted constantly and Marshmallow is happy she doesn’t have to go to the spa anymore though the photos are hilarious.



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