Dear Joanna, Jackie and CPS Staff

 A couple of weeks ago my son and I adopted ‘Archie’, a ten month old black kitten.

It is fair to say that he has settled well, as can be seen by the attached photos!

 He has brought so much joy to our home and we are very grateful to all the staff at CPS, especially Jackie who went above and beyond in helping to make this adoption a very easy and comforting experience.  

 Archie is now ‘Alfie’, or sometimes ‘Alfalfa Sprout’, or ‘Sprout’ (depending on what he has been up to!!).  Alfie loves to head butt the boys to wake them of a morning, he loves to help Ian in the study when he’s working (or should I say lick his hands when he tries to type on the keyboard).  He particularly loves to help in the kitchen when food is being prepared by consistently jumping on the bench top (lets say ‘no’ is a word he is most familiar with!). Alfie also likes to chat, especially around dinner time when he feels that the amount of food being offered isn’t consistent with his hunger!!

 At a time when we were still mourning the loss of ‘Spinach’, our beloved tortoise shell cat, Alfie has been a godsend and is a much loved new addition to our family.  He has enormous spunk, is mischievous, energetic, and loves a cuddle.  We couldn’t ask for more in a pet! 

 We are so grateful, thankyou.

 Kind regards

Sandra, Ian, Henry and Jack

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