I came into the Cat Protection Society last Thursday with my son absolutely heartbroken after having to put my 22 year old cat down the day before after a short illness. I was warmly welcomed by the staff who showed me all of the cats that were available for adoption. After speaking to the experienced staff and 2 volunteers we finally decided on the deceptively shy and quiet “Annie”. Annie was quiet when she arrived at her forever home and spent the next day in a makeshift cardboard box house. Annie was still affectionate and interactive but felt safer in her box rather than venturing out into the house. This all changed very quickly and Annie embraced her 3 new scratching poles and her 4 beds placed around the house. She is an expert and running up and down the stairs an always lets us know she is around with her sweet little meow. She has absolutely changed the whole feel of the house. We have gone from unavoidable grief to absolute happiness and awe. I would highly recommend the Cat Protection Society if you are looking for a furry family member.

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