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We always love to receive updates on our cats after they have been adopted, especially our long termers and older ones.  We referred to Sebastian as our “Lion King of the Shelter” when he was with us, which was quite a while whilst he waited for his special human Alex to come and shower him with love, which she did!   Unfortunately Sebastian’s time with Alex was not as long as we would have wished for, but the time he had with her was just perfect.

Hi to everyone at the Cat Protection,

Unfortunately I am writing this with some very sad news. Our beloved Sebastian was put to sleep recently after suffering from severe tumour on the side of his stomach and discovered it had spread to his liver with nothing the vet could do to save him.

The vet broke the news to us after examination about 3 months ago after he was loosing his hair and dropped a substantial amount of body weight giving him about 6 months. Unfortunately he only lasted a couple of months from the first consult. The other morning he was fine eating his breakfast and then suddenly he was struggling to breathe so we rushed him to the emergency.

We are absolutely heartbroken and can’t put into words how much we love and miss him. From the moment we lay eyes on him there was an instant bond and we knew he was meant for our family. I know he was very special to all of you who knew him as he was with you for a couple of years so we send our love to everyone. He truly was the most special cat with a beautiful soul.

I’ve attached some of my favourite photos of us.

Rest In Peace to our little man Sebby ❤️


Alex x

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