The Next Step Checklist

  • Call the Society

    If you think this feline may be your pet, contact the Shelter during business hours on (03) 8457 6500 and quote the feline’s ID number.

  • Feline Description

    To get started, we will want to know where and when your feline went missing, any distinguishing marks and whether they are desexed or not. This will help us to quickly identify whether this is likely to be your pet.

  • Documents Required

    To further assist us in identifying your feline, please have on hand the following documents (if available):

    • Current Council Registration certificate
    • Current Microchip details
    • Your identification (photo ID)
    • Any other documents supporting your ownership (photos of your feline, veterinary history)

Once we are all satisfied that this is your feline, you will need to bring these documents with you when you come to reclaim them.

Be prepared to pay the required reclaim fees and or charges.

All felines must be microchipped and registered with your local council prior to being reclaimed.

Certain councils have laws that require animals to be desexed. Under these laws you may be required to desex your feline in order to register them with Council.

We understand that losing a loved pet is very distressing. We aim to make your reunion as quick and straightforward as possible, while ensuring our obligations to Council and the law are met.