The Twins

We are extremely happy to welcome the twins into our lives who are terrific and loving companions.

The adorable girls are settling in and are a delight  …

Violette & Chantelle love wrestling with each other and playing with their toy mice and jingle bell balls – one of the mice had its tail ripped off after some vigorous playing but it is still a favourite toy.

They love having snuggles & cuddles and purr with contentment.

Sometimes they think that I need a bath and lick me with their tongues.

Violette and Chantelle are bringing us much love, laughter and happiness.


-A note from CPS:

The Twins had a Christmas Photoshoot with us before they went to their fabulous forever home. Here are some of the snaps (though it was hard to capture them clearly, as they are very zippy and energetic!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.52.48 pm (2)xmas1xmas2DPP_0046xmas3

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