Tessa knows Best


We adopted Tessa in December of 2013. Since then, she has the run of the inside of our place, picks the sunniest spots for naps and loves the hydronic heating in winter. Her preferred family member is our 9 year old whose bed she curls up on in the morning sun and overnight.  She’s loves to have a chat with any of us and a neck rub anytime, anywhere.


We feel very fortunate Tessa was available to be adopted just as we were looking. We had made the trip twice the previous weekend to meet and get to know other possibles. Tessa was a bonus (short haired, female and about 8 years younger than others at that time).


Our first vet trip was the annual check and injections in November this year and the vet was very impressed with her weight and good health.


Thank you all for assisting and supporting our decision and for all you do for these beautiful creatures. Tessa has found a forever home with us here.


PS you were right – she loathes other cats – spits and explodes and terrifies others at the boarding cattery. Just as well she is such a charmer with humans!




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