7 months ago I picked up my little devil from your shelter. I must admit I thought I picked the wrong girl; turns out I was wrong! She’s awesome and the perfect one for me!

I had second thoughts because I didn’t know much about her; I always adopted kittens. I even considered bringing her back! But I’m so glad I stuck with her, shes is endless fun and joy and I love her sooo much. I now call her my raven ?

The Kosta Love

I got to know Kosta really well before I adopted him, because I work at the Cat Protection Society. I fell in love with him, he was just so sweet and gentle and he had these big green eyes that you couldn’t look away from.

I brought Kosta home and he didn’t care about anything except giving me nose kisses and snuggling up with me in the spare the room.

He now has run of the whole house, and he likes to terrorise our other pets.

Kosta’s favourite thing to do is jumping onto other animals from a height.

The other favourite thing is to pull himself around the bed base, then when he gets tired, instead of using a cat bed, he’ll just use my bed with the electric blanket on. So yes, he’s one spoilt boy!

Kosta has come out of his shell, he has certainly brightened up our lives.

Emma, CPS

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