Foster Care

Are you looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the community and care for those most at need?

By becoming a Foster Carer with The Cat Protection Society of Victoria, you will have the wonderfully rewarding experience of providing love and care to some of our most in need cats and kittens until a permanent, forever home is found.

Our Foster care network is a crucial role within our Shelter and assists the Society to maximise the number of cats & kittens we are able to help each year. It also allows us to ensure our adoption cats are well socialised and thriving before heading to their forever homes.

Some cats that come into the care of the Society are not able to be adopted into their new forever homes straight away. They may be too young, unwell, recovering from surgery, or they may need training to improve their behaviour. Foster care can vary from a short term ( such as looking after kittens until they are at an adoption weight; or just a senior needing some TLC), to long term foster care (more complex behavioural or medical cases).While our shelter staff and volunteers work very hard to provide a comfortable and enriching environment, many of our more vulnerable animals are stressed by the experience of being in a shelter. These animals recover and develop more successfully when they are fostered in a loving home environment.

As a Foster Carer for Cat Protection Society you will be provided with all the support, veterinary care, food, litter & tray, bedding, bowls & toys; we just need YOU to provide the loving home.

We have been overwhelmed with the number of new Foster Care Applications received during the COVID-19 Health Pandemic and we now feel that our Foster Care Network will be able to support the needs of our Society in the short-term. We are therefore no longer taking any new Foster Care Applications. Be sure to visit our Website and Facebook page for updates on when Foster Care Applications will re-open.