A Slippery Start to Life

Elsie didn’t have the best start to life… when you’re starved, covered in oil and hanging out solo in a garage, there’s only one way your life can go from there.


And up Elsie’s went. The little trouper was brought to Cat Protection Society underweight at just 800grams, unhappy, and her entire little body was covered in some sort of oil. The Vet team worked tirelessly and around the clock to wash the substance off her and entice her to eat. Our Vet took her home for the first two days and then she went home with Vet Nurse, Trish.

In the loving care of Trish, the meek little kitten began to eat and gain a healthy amount of weight. It seemed the more weight she put on, the more her personality began to shine through.

“By the time she was at the mininum weight for speying, she had become a very loved member of our family” Trish said.

Elsie briefly came back to CPS for her desexing operation, and again, Vet Nurse Trish took her home to recover. The little kitten, not so meek anymore (in fact, quite the opposite) decided Trish’s family would make a perfect forever home. So Trish, not having much choice, adopted Elsie the next day. It was a official: Elsie’s rough trot was over.

Now, you would barely recognise Elsie.

“She absolutely rules the house. She lives with 2 dogs and another cat (and our other foster kitten),” said Trish.

“She had a fairly rough start but has not looked back.. She drives me crazy on a daily basis!”



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