Triangle Cat Scratch Pad



Triangle scratch pad with 2 running balls with bells.

This scratcher features a surface to scratch and play – in one compact design. The Scratcher’s corrugated honeycomb mimics the texture of real tree bark, so your cat will naturally be drawn to it instead of your furniture. You cannot fight the natural instinct of a cat to keep his claws honed, so give them a healthy alternative. The texture of the Scratching Pad is unlike any other texture in your home. It is not carpeted, like your floors. It is not covered in any kind of nubby material that could be similar to your couch upholstery. Your cat will not be confused as to what he or she should and should not scratch. Your cat can feel that this unique surface is its very own personal place to scratch.

Features: Includes two running balls.
Made from 100% recycled paper.
Catnip Included

Provides your cat with a natural scratching surface to keep their claws honed and healthy. Unlike any other surface in your home, your cat will not be confused as to what she or he should and should not scratch.