Hooded litter tray with flap

Bono Fido


Please note that this product isn't available for delivery - Pick-up in store only

MEOW! This product is ONLY available for pick up from our shelter.

Size: 45cm x 40cm x 40cm High

This is a rectanglar shaped litter box which is hygienic for your kitty and simple and convenient for you!
A roomy tray fitted with a hooded top to help prevent litter spillage during use. Easy access is gained through the large hinged lid.

Removable clear door in a two-way cat-flap style.The practical double latch on the upper casing makes it easy to secure the litter tray liner. Once your tray liner is secure under the lip you can add your cat litter. Once ready to change the litter this mechanism will also make it easier to clean the tray thoroughly. The hood is to provide privacy for your cat please do not use handle on hood to lift tray. Lift tray from bottom.