Our Whiskered Warriors Need You

Can you help a Whiskered Warrior find their forever home?

The Cat Protection Society provides refuge and a temporary home to over 1000 abandoned or surrendered cats every year. For most, this refuge includes providing a warm bed, a safe and loving environment and a full belly until they are adopted into their forever home. But for some, the level of care required to maximise their chance of being adopted is far greater.

Three-year-old Dookie was surrendered to our shelter in late 2019; she was stressed, anxious and incredibly scared of new people. Dookie spent her days hidden in the corner of her cat condo and shied away whenever a potential adoptee tried to approach her.

Despite the patience and affection from our adoption team, Dookie continued to struggle in the shelter environment. Our team made the decision to provide Dookie with some much-needed respite and place her into foster care with animal behaviourist, Natayla Dundovich. The goal was to learn more about Dookie in the home environment and to provide her with the very best chance for rehabilitation and ultimately, adoption into a loving home.

To learn more about Dookie’s journey with our Society or to donate visit our Whiskered Warriors page by clicking here.

Your continued generosity will ensure that we can continue to provide veterinary and behavioural support to un-well and in-need Whiskered Warriors just like Dookie.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.