Mitzie, Max and FiFi

Our first cat we named Mitzie to whom we adopted in March 2007. She was 7 months old at the time. She had “Tuxedo” markings. She caught my partners and my eye at first sight in the cattery with her huge big brown eyes peering through the cage. She allowed my partner and I to pick her up and she looked like a baby doll with her pink collar. That was the only time that she liked being picked up. I think that was a trap to get us to adopt her (very sneaky). Mitzie had cat flu as a baby and continued to have a weakness in that area however got much better as she got older. Apart from that she was a very healthy cat and had a beautiful and sweet nature. She would talk to me and respond mainly to me. She was my cat.

Mitzie got on well with our other cat Max who we later adopted. She enjoyed watching the birds with her own chatter and loved the outside cattery (whole side of our house) that Peter my partner built for her and our previous cat Romeo with a step ladder up to the Hammock which she loved to sit on and laze out in the sun. Mitzie was always a bit shy and would like to hide under the kitchen table or in the corner somewhere however, would jump up and sit with me and later Max our other cat on the bed at night. She gave us many years of pleasure.

After nearly a year we thought it might be nice company for Mitzie to adopt a boy cat. So in April 2008, approximately a year later we adopted a grey and white persian cat which we named Max who was then 6 months old. I took my mum to your cattery to help me to choose the right one. Max took our eye straight away as he was the only cat who was prancing around the cage looking like he owned the place and meowing and trying to get our attention. He was the cutest and most handsome looking cat them all however after a little while started to ignore me, so I was a bit unsure as to whether to take him or not? I was planning to go home and think about it and then he came up to me right next to the cage and demanded my attention.

From then on, I was sucked in to take him. I have never looked back! Max is a strong but soft boy/man now who is very affectionate. He thinks he is a ragdoll cat I am sure as he loves to flop at your feet and be carried around on your shoulder or in your arms like a baby. Max and Mitzie shared 9 years together and would go out into the cattery daily and lie on the bed together. Mitzie loved her beauty sleep and would go to sleep on the back bed at around 9 or 10pm each night whilst Max would go out into the cattery through the cat flap at early hours in the morning thinking he was hunting however, he has never caught a bird or anything in his life. Max is very sociable with Peter and I however, when we have people come over to our house, he likes to be a recluse and will hide out in the cattery or elsewhere. However, Mitzie used to come in and say hello to our guests particularly as she got older.

In June this year Mitzie passed away. It came suddenly with what we thought was a routine visit to the vet for a cold/flu which then led to an eye infection which didn’t seem to go away with medication. Via xrays and a subsequent cat scan, we discovered that Mitzie had a mass tumour at the back of her nasal cavity. We were advised by two vets one of them a surgeon who had formerly treated Mitzie and Max for years that it would be too risky to operate on her and that it would be better for her to live out the rest of her days without having to operate. We were told that we had approximately 6 weeks left with her which was accurate before she passed. During this time we had to feed her by hand as she went off her food and lost sight in both of her eyes. It was heartbreaking to see such a beautiful soul go this way.  Mitzie had a great life and was loved deeply by Peter and I and my Mum and Dad and we will never forget her. She will have a place in our hearts forever!

Three weeks ago, we adopted beautiful “Fifi” a white torti who is 2 years old. We gave her that name as she hadn’t had a chance to be named before she was adopted. Fifi was a stray however had obviously been someones pet as she loves to jump up on your lap and be cuddled in your arms. Fifi is everything that I have been looking for in a cat. She is extremely playful, loves to play ping pong and run through her leopard cat tunnel and play with her mouse toys and other balls we have for her. Up until this week, she had been hissing at Max our other cat at every opportunity and I was worried that perhaps she wouldn’t fit in however, this week all seems to have changed. She has stopped hissing at Max and is gradually trying to win him back by lying next to him on our bed with her paw on him and grooming him. It’s all looking good!

Peter and I would like to say a huge thank you to Jackie and Abbey for helping us to find our new beautiful girl. We went back and forth to your cattery for approximately 3 weeks before finding our beautiful Fifi and probably drove your staff mad as we wanted to make sure that we got the right cat for Max and us.

I have been meaning to thank you for years and now I finally have. We would recommend your organisation to any person looking to adopt a cat. The love and care and respect that you show to each of the cats in your care is second to none.

You provide an excellent service!

Thank you Cat Protection Society.


Susanne and Peter