Announcing our Winners of The World’s Greatest Job


For Pauline Turnbull, there was no need to buy a Tattslotto ticket when the jackpot hit $60 million this year, because she felt as if she’d already won.

A call from the Cat Protection Society of Victoria advising her that she’d been selected as an official Cat Cuddler made her feel like a millionaire.

“I couldn’t believe that I’d been selected. It’s better than Tattslotto – I didn’t enter to win the $60 million jackpot, because I thought I’ve already won! I’m most looking forward to the opportunity to cuddle cats, and trying to win over some of the shyer or more feisty ones,” she said.

Pauline’s love of cats was first sparked when she was a young girl, and her brother bought home a surprise package.

“When I was young, my brother bought home a bag from the creek, and it turned out to be a mother and four kittens. Someone had tried to drown them!  The mother bolted as soon as we opened the bag, but she had kittens. We fed them, and we ended up keeping one, who we named Fluffy.  We gave the other kittens away to people in the neighbourhood.  This sparked my love of cats.”

After being inundated with applications to fulfill the world’s greatest job as official ‘Cat Cuddler’, the Society announced three winners; Sarah Trezise, who is currently studying animal science; Lynn Cauchi who retired four years ago after a twenty-two-year career; and Pauline Turnbull, who is a Primary School teacher.

They all share a love of cats, and have opened their arms to fulfill the coveted positions.

“It’s such an honour to have been chosen, as I have a lot of cuddles to give,” said Lynn.  “I get a lot from having a cat sit on my knee, or from giving them a cuddle. It’s very soothing.”

Lynn’s first ever cat was one that she adopted from the Society about thirty-five years ago, so the CPSV has been a part of her life for a long time.

“Ever since then, we’ve adopted all of our cats from the Society, and every now and again,  I use to visit to get my little cat fix and give them cuddles. I’ve spent so much time at the Society, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it operates, meeting the people, and it will give me something really enjoyable to do.”

For Sarah Tresize, her love of animals from a young age drove her decision to apply for a Cat Cuddler position.

“Since I was two years old I wanted to be a vet, I’ve always been an animal lover. I’ve been passionate about helping animals. At primary school I would do my projects on animal cruelty and saving animals, I just thought being a vet would be a very rewarding career and would be perfect for me.

“Cats make me so happy. I really enjoy helping them and I want to be a part of giving these cats a new home,” says Sarah.  “I am just so grateful for the opportunity. I was surprised by the amount of applications which made me even more grateful for getting the role.”


Volunteer and Community Outreach Manager, Georgie Marinucci, said it was too difficult to find one candidate to fill the role from the 200 applicants they received so CPSV has selected three incredible winners.

“We are thrilled to have Sarah, Lynn and Pauline onboard as our official cat cuddlers. It was challenging to select one successful candidate from the amazing applications we received so we ended up selecting three. I’m sure our cats and kittens will enjoy three times the cuddles as they wait for their furever home,” Georgie said.

“Our new Cat Cuddlers will play an essential part of our Adoption Shelter, taking on the role of ensuring that the cats and kittens in our care feel safe and loved and are socialised and well prepared to be adopted,” she said.


All three winners have long been devoted cat lovers, and are looking forward to adding this title to their CVs.

“I have four cats, two of them are foster fails, one is an older boy who we got when I was 9. He’s now 11 or 12. We also have Phoebe who follows me everywhere, she is like my best friend,” says Sarah.

Lynn, who has adopted all of her cats from the Cat Protection Society of Victoria says that she’s spent so much time visiting the Shelter, that she thought being a Cat Cuddler was the perfect next step.

“When the Cat Cuddler role came up, I thought I’d dearly love the opportunity but didn’t think I had a chance. Then I received a call to tell me I was shortlisted along with 200 others, and I thought ‘well, why not me.’ It’s such an honour to have been chosen,” she says.

Our new Cat Cuddlers will fill a three-month volunteer role and the job will require them to visit the Adoption Shelter for a few hours, one day per week. They will then be welcome to stay on as volunteers at the Society if they wish.

“Sarah, Lynn and Pauline join a team of approximately thirty volunteers who tirelessly help the Society predominately supporting the work of the adoption shelter team,” Georgie said.

“We couldn’t do our work without our amazing volunteers who generously support us in a wide range of ways to ultimately support the cats in our care.”

If you would like to learn more about the Volunteer opportunities at our Society or you would like to express your interest in becoming a Volunteer with our Society, click here.