Keep you Cat Safe and Support CPS with a Classic Pet Enclosure


Support CPS and keep your feline friend/s safe by purchasing an enclosure from Classic Pet Enclosures.

Contact Classic Pet Enclosures and let them know you that you got their details or pamphlet from us prior to purchase and they will donate 10% of all purchases over $200.00 to CPS.   It’s a WIN for your feline family member, a WIN for CPS and a WIN for your wallet!

There are many reasons why you should keep your cats contained. Contrary to popular belief, it is not cruel to keep your cats contained; in fact, cats generally feel more secure and happy in a contained environment. It is safer for them, and safer for native wildlife.  You will always know where your cat is, you will save on veterinary costs as they are safe from attack from other animals and fighting with other cats.

Why you should contain your cat –

  • Exposure to feline AIDS from fighting
  • Being hit by a car
  • Animal traps
  • Poisoning, accidental or intentional
  • Complaints and threats from neighbours
  • Rain, wind and cold, harsh winters
  • Loneliness and fear
  • Getting caught in a car engine or a garage
  • Getting collar hung on fences etc.
  • Being stolen and used for dog bait or as another families pet
  • Exposure to disease from other animals, and



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Note: Excludes Delivery, Installation, and Sale items




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  1. Cat Pillow Case
    Cat Pillow Case says:

    Hi. I never thought of enclosing my cat till I read your blog. The information regarding why one has to enclose a cat made me realise of the hazards my pet possess from the outer world. A stray dog has once attacked my cat pillow case with the imprints of cat on it lying with my luggage outdoor. It is a matter of concern now. I suggest all to keep their pets safe with classic pet enclosures.


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