A Christmas gift with heart.

Each year, hundreds of kittens – some only a few hours old – come into the care of our Society. These small, vulnerable kittens rely on us, and as a not-for-profit organisation we are relying on cat lovers like you to make this lifesaving work possible.

Christmas is always a busy time for us, and as a Society we are committed to caring for cats and kittens in need and ensuring that each animal that comes into our care can find a loving family to call their own.

This Christmas, our wish is that all cats and kittens are healthy, loved, and happy in their furever home.

To do this, we have built a network of dedicated Foster Carers who are on call to give these beautiful cats the care and love they need to thrive. Our Foster Carers provide refuge and safety to mothers with litters who need extra support and a safe place to raise their kittens, as well as around-the-clock care including bottle feeds to tiny kittens who have the odds stacked against them.

Can you give a gift with heart this Christmas, and help care for vulnerable kittens like Starlight and Butch?

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Starlight and Butch were brought into our shelter along with their mother, who was sadly not able to care for her babies. At just a couple of days old, their eyes weren’t even open yet. These precious little kittens needed our help. While their mum was being cared for, they were urgently checked over for any health issues and placed into our Foster Care program where they are receiving intensive care.

Their Foster Carer has been bottle feeding them every couple of hours, day and night, to ensure they receive the nutrients they need to grow big and healthy in these critical early stages, as well as grooming them and helping them to go to the toilet, just as their mother would have. Without this special care, Starlight and Butch simply would not survive – they are far too young.

Each day they are growing stronger, and they have started venturing out of the safety of their bed to explore their surroundings, showing their natural curiosity of the world around them.

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It is only thanks to the support of people like you that we can provide this level of critical care to kittens like Starlight and Butch.

Our teams will continue to give every young kitten that comes into our care a fighting chance, but it comes at a cost and we really need your help.

will help care for a mother and her litter of kittens with food, warm bedding, toys and enrichment, and the one-on-one love of a foster carer.

will help prepare a cat for their furever home, including vaccinations, being desexed and microchipped, and providing a full health check.

will support the veterinary care of a cat or kitten who is unwell and recovering in Foster Care.

will help ensure our network of dedicated Foster Carers have all the supplies they need, including food, warm and safe bedding, toys and enrichment, and medication, to care for vulnerable kittens for as long as they need.

Will you give a gift with heart and help our Christmas wish come true? Please make a kind donation today to help kittens like Starlight and Butch find their furever home this Christmas.

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