WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Ziggy and Pistachio

I adopted Ziggy last Oct/November and Pistachio in May this year. Pistachio was a kitten when we got him but now he’s fully grown into adorable white floofball. They love each other 😻😻😻

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Benson (now Billee)

Hello to the kind people of the Cat Protection Society!

On Sunday we came to you and fell in love with this beautiful cat and we couldn’t be more excited. He has settled in perfectly and has such a lovely, calm yet playful personality. He loves our carpeted spiral staircase as many other cats have before him and has easily become comfortable with our house. He has sat with me as I study and done very normal cat things like walk on my laptop, sitting under beds and finding his way into all the kitchen cupboards. 

I have never been happier to be woken at 2am as he only wanted pats and attention and I found later he did this to everyone in the family. He is still a little startled by loud noises or people walking outside if he can see them through a window but has managed very well with our busy household and continues to settle more every day.  

Thank you so much for looking after him for the time you did so that he could find his way to us. 



P.S. The name Billee was found on google translate as the word for cat in Hindi, although I think it may be the female form we found that it fits very well 🙂 


My partner and I just wanted to share how well our new kitten ‘Ewok’ is fitting in with us. We adopted Ewok (now called Duster) on the 14th July and even from day one he has been a very confident and loving kitty. We absolutely love him! Thank you for the opportunity to adopt him. It was wonderful to see what a clean and caring environment you guys run.

Thanks,Prindi, George and Duster


WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Bento and Minty

We adopted 2 adorable ginger kittens from you in July, known to you as “Tommen” and “Joffrey”. 

 They are now called Bento and Minty. Such beautiful and cheeky kittens! We are so pleased they are a part of our family, the kids love them! 


Thank you!! 




I wanted to send you this of “Chip” as he was known when he was with you at Greensborough CP Society. I’ve called him Robbie and we are best friends. He’s really come out of himself since I brought him home at the end of April this year. Thank you so much!


Our beautiful “Tucker” we adopted him from you a few weeks ago, he is so happy and content, fits in well with our home, the kids all love him and in return he is very affectionate with all of them! So happy Tucker has become apart of our family!
Thank you team.


Inkie has settled in very well. From very shy beginnings of hiding under the couch and not coming out for hours to now roaming the house with such confidence, it is lovely to see this beautiful girl blossom into a relaxed and happy kittie. She enjoys lazing up high in her closet all day and then turns on her wild side at dusk by prancing around the house, getting into everything and being an absolute sticky nose wanting to know everything that I am doing. Inkie loves her toy mouse that has a hint of catnip inside and you can often hear her throwing it around in the middle of night. She also loves to jump on my bed at goodness knows what time of the night and tenderly ‘kisses’ and sniffs my eyelids for some reason, it’s really quite cute. Inkie now rolls on her back and loves a tummy rub and kisses on her forehead. This kittie is simply beautiful in every way and I’m so happy she has found her forever and ever home.


Marshmallow (formerly Arial) is about a year old now. Not super cuddly, she is an independent lass who will play fetch with Mum (so long as she has a Lindt ball wrapper – no substitutes) and has laid claim to some of  Mum’s yarn collection. She loves looking out the windows, watching the occasional car and all of our native birds, and the family’s 2 budgerigars.
Our young asthmatic and cat lover was mildly allergic (we had no idea) with Marshmallow, but over the year Marshmallow has been tolerating a weekly bath well (to reduce dander) and a few months ago we stretched out the time between baths and it’s now been 2 months and no wheezing (hooray). Mum’s happy to not be having her demise plotted constantly and Marshmallow is happy she doesn’t have to go to the spa anymore though the photos are hilarious.




Hi there,
Firstly, I want to again pass on my gratitude to you all for the fantastic work you do.  It is clear that you take the time to get to know and understand the personalities of each of your cats, then ensure you take an active interest in knowing those who come in as potential parents to these guys.

In early March I came in to have a look around and very soon was chosen by ‘Tommy’ who smothered me with smooches and purred like an engine.  I didn’t want to make an impulse decision so was there for quite a while, even then returning the next day before adopting him.  Staff were incredibly patient and informative, helping me to talk it through.  One lady in particular was very gracious and generous with her time, but I cannot recall her name. She has light brown hair up in a ponytail and has been at reception when I’ve been in.

I brought in a few little donations for the kitties as a thank you and will continue to bring more.

I changed Tommy’s name but thought you might like to see how he’s going…Here are some pics of Figaro (Fig for short) named after the black and white cat from Pinocchio…


Back in February 2017, I adopted a cat called Vamp, took her home and promptly renamed her Suki!

Suki-boo is the light of my life, full of personality and a very interactive cat. She likes to be wherever I am, sitting on the kitchen bench while I do dishes or sitting on the side of the washing machine watching it fill up.  I love her with all my heart, even when she’s being very naughty.

I still can’t believe that Suki was at CPS for 3 weeks before I found her – how people walked past such a beautiful cat is beyond me. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one. She was obviously waiting for me to be her forever Mum.

I donated today so that other people can share the joy of having a special cat in their lives. Thank you to you all for your special care for all the felines who need a new forever home. You do a wonderful job with minimal support. I know my donation will go to a very good cause.



Dear Joanna, Jackie and CPS Staff

 A couple of weeks ago my son and I adopted ‘Archie’, a ten month old black kitten.

It is fair to say that he has settled well, as can be seen by the attached photos!

 He has brought so much joy to our home and we are very grateful to all the staff at CPS, especially Jackie who went above and beyond in helping to make this adoption a very easy and comforting experience.  

 Archie is now ‘Alfie’, or sometimes ‘Alfalfa Sprout’, or ‘Sprout’ (depending on what he has been up to!!).  Alfie loves to head butt the boys to wake them of a morning, he loves to help Ian in the study when he’s working (or should I say lick his hands when he tries to type on the keyboard).  He particularly loves to help in the kitchen when food is being prepared by consistently jumping on the bench top (lets say ‘no’ is a word he is most familiar with!). Alfie also likes to chat, especially around dinner time when he feels that the amount of food being offered isn’t consistent with his hunger!!

 At a time when we were still mourning the loss of ‘Spinach’, our beloved tortoise shell cat, Alfie has been a godsend and is a much loved new addition to our family.  He has enormous spunk, is mischievous, energetic, and loves a cuddle.  We couldn’t ask for more in a pet! 

 We are so grateful, thankyou.

 Kind regards

Sandra, Ian, Henry and Jack


4yo Jackson’s previous owner passed away and Jackson had no idea why he was in a shelter and not at home anymore. Jackson waited 88 days for his perfect human and he could not have found a better home.

Hi Jacky and team,
You’ll be pleased to know that Jackson is settling in just fine here he is on our bed with my partner James, his new Daddy – really coming out of his shell now. He really has no anxiety now and is very happy. I feel we have really scored – it’s a genuine win win!  



Chi Chi in her 2nd anniversary of adoption. Happy, healthy and a much loved part of the house – despite her propensity for wanting to wake you at 5am with licks and paws to the face!


Miss Mona was adopted from CPS and is now the resident feline at Karana Baptcare in Kew.

Miss Mona sits on the heaters in Winter!

She’s not silly!!!


Hi CPS! 

My partner and I adopted Iris in February this year. She took a little time to settle in, but she has definitely proved that she ain’t chicken with her new family! I thought you would like an update on how she’s going. 

 Thanks so much for bringing such a happy little cat into our lives. Even though she’s 10, she definitely acts like a spritely young lady! 


Cassandra and Joshua