WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Izzy & Letty (a.k.a.Isabella & Juliet)

We love to hear how our all our felines are doing in their new homes, and this is a wonderful update on two seniors who came to us  at 12yo and 13yo. Their owner had sadly passed away and they were scared and did not understand what was happening in their lives.  It takes a special person to adopt a senior let alone two seniors. These gorgeous gals were adopted into a wonderful loving home and will never have to be scared again.


Hi guys just another little update on Izzy and Letty whom we adopted from CPS last year. Both girls are doing well although they don’t quite get along as well as they used to, they both tolerate one another. They aren’t opposed to the occasional grooming session. Both girls have taken to sharing the bed with us which we absolutely love and they enjoy supervised outdoor time each day. We love giving them the best life they can possibly have as we want them to enjoy their golden years with us. They are very happy, Letty absolutely loves belly rubs I’ve never seen a cat that loves them SO much and Izzy is either on your lap, or trying to get on your lap.


WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Ciara and Esme (a.k.a. Cabernet and Chardonnay)


We would like to give you all a little update on how these 2 beautiful girls are going in their new forever home. 

 From the moment we took them out of their carrier they appeared to be very at ease and comfortable within their new environment. 

 They have settled in so quickly its as if they have already lived here. Ciara (black and white) we soon found out is a cheeky little monkey who wants to know everything about everything. She is so affectionate and purrs so loudly it’s amazing such a little kitty can make such a loud purr. She loves being the center of the action and attention. And is quite the little snuggle pot both day and night. She enjoys walking/running across our pillows at 3 am and walking on our chests while purring loudly. She has a big appetite and will gobble up her wet food then will try to eat Esmè’s. Therefore we need to sit between them to make sure Esmè can eat her food without it being finished off by Ciara.

 Esmè  (gray and white) is just as sweet though seems to be the more sensible one. She will patiently sit there while their food is being prepared while Ciara is trying to climb up your leg like its a tree. She calmly eats her food unlike Ciara. She appears to be stealth like in her stalking of her sister too. Her purr is softer but she is just as cuddly and loves to snuggle especially overnight. Chasing shadows and her own tail and stalking Ciara are her favorite pastimes. 

 Together they have so much fun. They love to play and keep each other occupied. They are very much in sync too. When Ciara starts to fatigue and her eye lids get heavy Esmè is only a few minutes from succumbing too. Their synchronicity even extends to toileting at the same time! 

 Their cuteness is off the charts. I think we have both said “your soooooo cute” at least 500 times a day to both of them.

 My partner Rob, who has never had kittens before, is completely besotted with them. He absolutely loves them to bits and cant wait to finish work and get home just to hang out with them and watch them at play. They have really become daddies little girls!

 He spent his entire long weekend in our bedroom looking after them and making sure they didn’t try to pull out their stitches while providing me with regular updates on what they were both up to and sending through lots of cute photos while I was at stuck at work.

 Although we have had them for just over a week we cant imagine them not in our lives now. They are such a joy to look after and watch them play together. They are such sweet little girls who have brought a lot of laughter and happiness into our lives after having to endure the heartache and grief of saying goodbye to my beautiful 15y.o girl Padmè recently.

 I have attached some photos of them in their new home (currently our bedroom).

 We cant thank you enough for all the wonderful work you all do everyday for all the beautiful precious cats who come into your care.

 We would love to continue to keep you all informed of how they are going. 

 Warmest Regards,

 Lisa, Rob, Ciara & Esmè.  



Update on Bessie Lou, now known as Zena.

 Zena loves her food and came to us on a diet due to weight gain during her stay at Cat Protection Society. We are continuing to measure her food and with all her movement she is starting to trim down a little. Still working on that but she is now super fast and becoming very fit. She loves her fully enclosed back yard including her jumping platforms and cubby house which keep her safe from neighbourhood cats but she can watch them from the upper viewing platform – which she loves to do.

 In the beginning Zena was timid and scared of going out to her enclosed backyard, she probably didn’t realise how safe she would be out there. Now we have difficulty convincing her to come in especially if the sun is shining. We tend not to let her out during the full sun due to her pink nose and fair complexion,  overnight stays in the yard are one of her favourites, especially on warm nights. She does however have no problem howling at 3am when she is ready to come back in. Our bedroom is located at the back so we can hear her quite well.

 Zena is also quite happy to meow loudly at any time of night to be let out to use the garden bed in her enclosure instead of using her two brand new kitty litter trays in the laundry. The garden bed is about 8 metres wide and she loves digging it over, it looks like we did some garden work with all the digging she does. This is a favourite of hers after being in captivity. From a shy quiet kitty she has certainly opened up to us, she is very affectionate, loves her cuddles and enjoys sitting on the couch watching tv with us.

 Julie works from home – Zena thinks this is great and enjoys being the office cat.

 When we first saw Bessie Lou she looked depressed and withdrawn, this is now not the case. She is very loving and happy. Zena is a triller and quite a talker.

Kind regards,

Tony and Julie




Dear Cat Protection Society,

I am getting my mum to write to you on my behalf.

I was pleased but to be honest a little bit envious that my Stepsister Fifi got chosen to be the May Pin Up Girl in your 2018 Cat Protection Society Calendar. As I have been a very loyal pussycat to my Mum Susanne and to Dad Peter as their fur baby and companion for over 10 years. I too was a rescue cat from your organisation (thank you so much for looking after me until Mum and Dad adopted me) at 6 months of age.

I would be most honoured and chuffed if I was to be chosen to appear in next year’s 2019 Calendar.

Some things about me:-

  1. I love to come inside and lie on the bed with my Mum and Dad and then go out to play through my cat door into my jungle outside in my protected area. We can go in and out through our cat door at any time of the day or night and think that we are hunting and out in the wild. Even though we haven’t found anything yet other than an occasional Frog or Spider. We also have our own Hammock and love to laze in the warm sun.
  2. I love my Mum and Dad very much and they love me dearly too.
  3. I love to be cuddled and am a Teddy Bear at heart. I also love to be brushed and rubbed on my Tummy.
  4. I like to be the centre of attention even though Mum and Dad now have to split their attention between Fifi and myself who was the new arrival to our family in September 2017. So now and again, we may hiss at each other or have the occasional swipe to let one another know who is in charge. Of course it is me!
  5. I love to be carried like a baby in Dad’s arms and on Mum’s shoulder around the house and look outside the window to see what other pussy cats are doing in the neighbourhood or birdies outside.
  6. Mum and Dad often take me and Fifi out on our leads to the other side of the garden so that we can eat the grass and see the birds from a distance and explore the other side of the house.

We truly thank your organisation for rescuing us and giving us good homes and a wonderful life that we may not have otherwise had.

Here are some photos of me looking my handsome best!

Love Max


I just wanted to email you regarding Hazelnut (now named Chilli) who we adopted only days ago but she is seriously, the happiest cat ever! She loves her new home and is so cuddly and playful.  She LOVES her toys that we got her and she’s so playful, she loves a cuddle and can’t wait for playtime during the day. At first she was timid but now can’t get enough of  us.

She’s really made us a family and we just love, love her!

 Ryan & Sarah




Hi Team

Thought we’d share a 6 month update for Coco formerly known as Pusskin.

She has settled in to family life so well and absolutely loves having lots of love from the 6 of us!

The kids took a little while to feel comfortable with Coco as she was a little snappy at the start but they adore her and happily pick her up for cuddles all the time.

Her happy place is eating too much, flat on her back, being tickled under her chin until she’s had enough and wants to wrestle you!


We saw Asher at CPS in 1990. He was a 4 month old skeleton, and we had to wait until he put on weight and passed his medical. We had him for 16 years, big wussy sooky boy, love him to bits, out of all the cats we have had, my ginger boy was so very special.


WHERE ARE THEY NOW- Chester Copperpot


We adopted little Chester Copperpot (Pie) last Saturday afternoon and the whole family is totally in love with him! He is so curious and gives the best snuggles, it’s like he has always been here! Thanks to you all.


I recently adopted Batcha from the Cat Protection Society and he has settled in like I never expected; like he knew he was at home as soon as he walked in the door. He is a stunner, I just adore him!

I’ve never met a cat so chilled, Batcha is just a dream. He is now the apple of my eye, just like my other kitty baby.

I am forever grateful to you guys at the Cat Protection Society. You must have given him such a wonderful, super loving environment to grow up in and that’s made him into the gem that he is today.

And a special thankyou to Jacqui for doing such a wonderful thing and inviting Batcha into her loving home and fostering him from a newborn into the sweetest teenager that he has grown into today.

He definitely wouldn’t be this amazing if it wasn’t for all of you hard work and dedication to helping cats.

Thank you so much Cat Protection Society, you guys do an amazing job! Keep up the amazing work the cats are so lucky to have you all caring for them I’m sure they’re very happy.


(Batcha says hi!)



We adopted Millie from the shelter almost two weeks ago now, and she has settled in surprisingly quickly.  She’s a bundle of relentless energy, and keeps us all on our toes.  She is an absolute delight. Our son, an only child, is overjoyed by her mischief. Here she is with our slightly perplexed dog , James.

Many thanks,

Melissa, Gavin, Ben and James


It only took a few days for Wally to take over his forever home.

Just wanted let you know that Wally is settling in beautifully- Fiona


Three years ago now I adopted Fi. She is a lovely affectionate cuddle cat, and an amazing companion to my older Bengal. She’s the second cat I’ve adopted from you. I lost Annabelle of 15 years a few months before adopting Fi. Annie was beautiful, too.

Thank you for doing the amazing work you do.


We adopted Klaus and have been smitten as a kitten since, he is such a beautiful, loving, affectionate kitten. He loves cuddles, belly rubs, play time and is getting along amazingly with his family. Klaus has settled in fantastically even after the second day. He’s confident and such a joy in our lives. We’re so grateful that we found him to adopt.

Many Thanks to the team at Cat protection society And all you do for these beautiful little cats and kittens.


Where are they now – Teddy

I adopted Teddy a week ago and I promised to send an update with photos – so here they are!

I’m super in love with this handsome guy.  He’s blossomed into a happy, confident chap who strolls right up to my visitors to say g’day. He’s always close at hand, especially when I head into the kitchen or anywhere near his food supply cupboard.  Teddy loves to be my little spoon while I binge watch Netflix on the couch or head to bed for the evening.  I love to spoil him silly and spent ages in the pet shop this morning while I chose a selection of super premium wet foods for him to sample.  He has toys galore, a scratching post and a cardboard scratcher (which he ignores, despite the application of cat nip spray).  Mostly he just loves to nap in one of the many comfortable places available to him and usually by my side.


I’d really like to thank you guys for the work you do in caring for these gorgeous cats – I truly admire you.  I’d also like to say thank you for the help and advice I received while meeting your cats and making the decision to adopt Teddy.  I love him to pieces.


I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, and I wish you a very happy and safe new year.





WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Pocket and Lulu

Hi Everyone, just wanted to give you an update on Pocket & Lulu who became part of my family on Dec 10th. After a few days inside getting to know their new house they ventured out to the backyard which is fully enclosed cat space.


They are still exploring & learning all the new sounds of the neighbourhood but love the fresh air & sunshine. Lulu particularly likes the raised hammock bed, as you can see.

Pocket just loves to talk & watch the butterflies.


They have settled very well, and we are looking forward to many years together.

Thank you for all the special work you do. I hope you are in your new building soon.

Pocket, Lulu & Jo