The Cat Protection Society of Victoria Vet Clinic has available bookings for this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (28th – 30th November). The Vet Clinic offers discount desexing and further reductions for concession card holders, so this would be a good opportunity to get your cat desexed and microchipped at a very competitive rate. Ring to book an appointment. HURRY! Limited spots available!

Call our Clinic on (03) 8457 6501 to book your appointment TODAY!


What’s On- Bayside Pet Expo Sunday 12th Nov

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is excited to join you at the Bayside Pet Expo this Sunday, 12th November to celebrate all things pets.

We’ll have an awesome raffle prize to be drawn on the day, along with CPS merchandise for purchase, a showcase of cats needing forever homes, and items for your feline!

For more information click here

Order your 2018 CPS Cat Calendars NOW!

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria has its very own 2018 Calendar featuring cats and kittens that were adopted from us and have now found their forever homes.

Celebrate their happy-ever-after stories by purchasing the 2018 Cat Calendar: Your Cats, now!

You can pick one up from the Shelter (200 Elder Street Greensborough) or order online by using the form below. Make sure to click on the correct form to make your purchase.

And while you’re there, why not add a few more ‘stocking filler’ items to your cart.

All proceeds go DIRECTLY to the care of our cats. So you get a great Calendar, AND you’re helping our cats; win win!


CPS Non Members Merchandise Order Form 2017

Members ONLY Merchandise Order Form 2017

What’s On- Feline Fright Night at Cat Protection Society

Get into the (undead) spirit of Halloween on Tuesday 31st October at The Cat Protection Society of Victoria. Our Feline Fright Night is sure to spook the paws off you.

The Shelter will be decked out in Halloween Themed decor, along with treats, interactive activities for the kids (both young and old), prizes and, of course, our felines will be the centre of attention; trick or treat yourself into adopting a cat and go into the draw to win awesome prizes.

Feline Fright Night

  • Twilight opening 31st October, 2017 – till 6pm
  • Colouring competition for kids to take home – winner drawn will win a small prize
  • All adoptees will be put into a raffle for a free vaccination
  • All adoptees will go home with a small bag of goodies
  • Lollies for all visitors – healthy options available too

We are dying to see you…



What’s On – Nillumbik Pet Expo

We are excited to be a part of Nillumbik Pet Expo

CPS Staff will be on hand to answer questions, sell CPS merchandise for you and your feline, and our very own face-painter! We will also be raffling a great prize on the day. All proceeds will go to the care of our cats. Can’t wait to see you there! The Expo is being held this Sunday, the 29th October, 10am to 4pm at the Marngrook Oval, Diamond Creek.

The first release of our 2018 Calendars will be available to purchase at the Expo!!

For more information on the Nillumbik Pet Expo click here

CPS Vet Clinic announces Discount Desexing Scheme

Our very own Vet Clinic is proud to announce a discount desexing scheme

Discount Desexing Opportunity for Concession Card Holders.

Pet owners who hold the following concessions cards issued by Centrelink, receive a 25% discount off scheduled veterinary fees for desexing;

– Pension concession card
– Low income health care card
– Commonwealth seniors health card

Desexing voucher’s are available from any council that participates in the Cat Desexing Voucher Scheme.
To redeem your voucher you’ll need to bring photo ID (with your current address) and the applicable card.

1. Ensure your concession card is valid and photo ID with
your current address.
2. Collect your desexing voucher from your local council.
3. Ring and make an appointment with our CPS Clinic.
Enquiries: (03) 8457 6504.
4. Bring your voucher, Concession Card and photo ID/address.

Please Note: All of these items MUST be presented at time of appointment.

*If your Council does not participate in the discount desexing scheme, please call our clinic to discuss alternatives.


What’s On – Wyndham Pet Expo

We are excited to be a part of this year’s Wyndham Pet Expo.

CPS Staff will be on hand to answer questions, sell CPS merchandise for you and your feline, and our very own face-painter! We will also be raffling a great prize on the day. All proceeds will go to the care of our cats. Can’t wait to see you there! The Expo is being held this Sunday, the 17th September, 10am to 4pm at the Wyndham Civic Centre.


For more information on the WYNDHAM PET EXPO, click here

A Slippery Start to Life

Elsie didn’t have the best start to life… when you’re starved, covered in oil and hanging out solo in a garage, there’s only one way your life can go from there.


And up Elsie’s went. The little trouper was brought to Cat Protection Society underweight at just 800grams, unhappy, and her entire little body was covered in some sort of oil. The Vet team worked tirelessly and around the clock to wash the substance off her and entice her to eat. Our Vet took her home for the first two days and then she went home with Vet Nurse, Trish.

In the loving care of Trish, the meek little kitten began to eat and gain a healthy amount of weight. It seemed the more weight she put on, the more her personality began to shine through.

“By the time she was at the mininum weight for speying, she had become a very loved member of our family” Trish said.

Elsie briefly came back to CPS for her desexing operation, and again, Vet Nurse Trish took her home to recover. The little kitten, not so meek anymore (in fact, quite the opposite) decided Trish’s family would make a perfect forever home. So Trish, not having much choice, adopted Elsie the next day. It was a official: Elsie’s rough trot was over.

Now, you would barely recognise Elsie.

“She absolutely rules the house. She lives with 2 dogs and another cat (and our other foster kitten),” said Trish.

“She had a fairly rough start but has not looked back.. She drives me crazy on a daily basis!”



Blind Brian’s heartwarming Story


Cheer up Brian…

I think we all know who Blind Brian is by now; the old blind cat with barely any teeth who found himself with us one Friday afternoon, scared, confused and very lost.

Brian’s story is a heartwarming one.

Our ranger brought Brian to us after being found wandering the streets of Eltham. Seeing that he was blind and old, yet super friendly, we immediately put a call-out on our Facebook page in hopes of finding his owner. Even though the post was shared over 1000 times and liked by over 700 people, Brian’s owners never came forward, and we never found out his history.

Brian stayed with us during his pound time, and when it was time to assess his progress, we knew there was a new forever home just waiting for the little fella, somewhere, we just needed to find it.

But before we could, Brian needed a ‘makeover’. Our CPS vet microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated Brian, and gave him some super TLC, which he lapped up. Brian couldn’t get enough of cuddles; he would hold you around your neck and not want to let go. The staff fell in love with him.

We then sent him to All Animal Eye Services, where Dr. Simon Hurn performed major eye surgery to save what little vision Brian had left. Dr. Hurn did an amazing job; he removed the problem eye and treated the remaining eye, which now has partial vision.

Brian even got a special write-up in the Herald Sun in hopes he’d find his forever home, which worked!

Grace saw the article and immediately came to meet Brian and instantly fell in love. We can tell the feeling was mutual, because Brian loved being in her arms, and didn’t want to let go.

So he didn’t. Grace adopted Brian when our vet gave the all-clear for him to go home. So Brian will never have to let go again.

While we’ll miss Brian, we’re all so happy he’s found his forever human and has the second chance at happiness that he so rightly deserves.

All the best Brian, and, as Monty Python says, “always look on the bright side of life”



Bastille Day at CPS

We’re getting into the French Spirit and celebrating Bastille Day.

We’d love for you to join us at CPS this Friday, 14th July to rejoice in all things red, white and blue, and eat a croissant or two…

Our cats will be decked out in the fanciest of French collars to compliment the occasion, and we’ll be Marching on to the tune of Frere Jacques all day long.

This is the adoption event of the season; we will have flags and streamers, and cats with tricolour bow ties!

Adopt one of our cats or kittens and go home with a treat…

Viva La France!

Donate before this EOFY

Thank you for all of your support over the years, and for the years to come.

Without your help we wouldn’t be able to care for our felines and for that we are truly grateful.

The end of financial year is just around the corner. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our website, and once again, thank you for helping make a difference.

Donate today.















Meet our Dynamic Duos!

“But I always say, one’s company, two’s a crowd and three’s a party” – Andy Warhol

… All our duo’s need now, is YOU! So let’s start this party! We have some awesome duo’s that are waiting for their forever homes.


Meet Georgie and Bubbles.

These two have lived together their whole lives and are quite bonded with one another. Georgie is the more vocal, cheeky one of the pair. Bubbles is the more chilled out and cuddly one. Together they make the perfect duo and we would love to see them adopted as a pair.

Georgie’s quirky ways will keep you entertained and Bubbles will reward you with lots of cuddles.

Meet Shaz and Baz.

This duo were strays before coming to CPS and were not used to human contact. However, since coming to our Shelter they have really blossomed. Shaz is the more confident of the two and can be quite playful at times, and loves a pat. Baz is a quiet fellow who enjoys the company of his sister and we hope that she will help to bring out his confidence.

These two may require a little more love and patience than other cats but we believe whoever is willing to put in a little extra time with these two will be rewarded with two very sweet and hopefully more confident cats.

Meet James and Lilly.

This duo were also strays before coming to CPS. They weren’t used to human contact but are getting more and more responsive every day. They are really blossoming under the TLC we have been giving them. Lilly is the more confident of the two and can be playful and curious; she loves a cuddle. James is the more reserved cat and really loves the company of his sister; her presence is helping bring out James’ confidence.

James and Lilly will need to go to a home where the attention and extra TLC is ongoing; they’ve made such progress and we know they can get even better under your loving touch.



Long Weekend Special Offer!

We’re open over the long weekend, including the Monday 12th June

And to celebrate, we have TWO special offers;


With each adult adoption (ages 1 years +), over the whole long weekend, you will receive a FREE starter pack, which includes litter tray, bag of Max’s litter, double bowl, Hills Ideal balance dry food, and your feline’s next vaccination FREE!


With each kitten adoption (ages up to 6 months) for MONDAY ONLY, you will receive a FREE Fuzzyard bed!

And remember we’re now open 10am to 3pm Saturdays and Sundays!


Extended Opening Hours

Get excited… We are!

We are extending our weekend trading hours so you can spend more time with our cats and kittens, and we can spend more time trying to find them loving homes. Win Win wouldn’t you think?

Commencing Saturday 3rd June, CPS will be open Saturdays and Sundays 10am- 3pm.

Now that’s something to Meow about.