Cat of the Week – Layla


This emerald eyed beauty came to us as a heavily pregnant mum with an unexplained foot condition.  Layla was a fabulous mum and very attentive. Now that her kittens have grown up and have been adopted to their own special homes it is finally this Layla’s turn to be looked after.  After seeing a specialist it has been diagnosed that Layla has nerve damage to her front left paw that the vet believes will repair itself within 6 – 8 months with some special care and a small amount of rehabilitation each day.

Layla will suit a family with older children and can definitely hold her own with dogs.  However she really does not like other cats so must be the only feline of the house.  This lovely lady likes to snooze alongside you when it suits her or at least close by; she is always up for a quick hug and head butt and is really quite playful.  A scratching post is a must have.

Any home would be lucky to have Layla as an addition to their family, she honestly is a sweet and easy-going girl once she is settled and comfortable.

If you are interested in adopting Layla, please give us a buzz and our vet will happily talk to you about Layla’s foot rehabilitation process.

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