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About Us

Operating for over 70 years, The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is a not for profit animal welfare organisation committed to working with the community to ensure that every cat has the opportunity for a loving, safe and happy home. The Society relies entirely on the kindness of donations, legacies and memberships for its day to day existence.

Located in Greensborough, Victoria, The Cat Protection Society includes an Adoption Shelter, Veterinary Clinic and Retail Shop.

Adoption Shelter:

Each year, up to 2000 stray and surrendered cats seek refuge and are cared for at our Adoption Shelter. Our team of staff, foster carers and volunteers work with the hope that every one of these cats are provided with a second chance for love, health and happiness. To view our cats that are currently available for adoption, click here.

Veterinary Clinic:

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria also includes a Feline dedicated Vet Clinic that is open to the public. Managed by a highly skilled and compassionate team, the Cat Protection Vet Clinic is committed to offering cost effective procedures and subsidised cat de-sexing and microchipping programmes to promote responsible cat ownership.   For further information on the Veterinary Services available at the Society, click here to learn more.

Retail Shop:

Our Retail Store stocks everything your feline needs. From food and bedding, to flea and worm treatments and toys and all proceeds from the Society Shop directly contribute to the cats in our care.

In addition to work at The Cat Protection Society of Victoria itself, the organisation also works closely with Local Community Groups and Local and State Government Bodies to promote responsible cat ownership and to identify proactive and holistic solutions to tackle the issue of cat overpopulation right across the county.

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is managed by a Board of Volunteers and a Chief Executive Officer who work to ensure the Mission of The Society: to promote, protect and improve the welfare and well-being of cats in Victoria; and to support appropriate cat welfare initiatives in other states, nationally and internationally is front of mind for all activity The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is involved in.

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Cat Protection Society
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