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The History of the Cat Protection Society of Victoria

In 1989, our Greensborough shelter , (Cat Protection Society of Victoria) was substantially renovated and upgraded. Plans have moved forward to rebuild the Shelter and clinic and construction is underway. The new shelter will provide quality feline veterinary treatment to members of the public at reasonable cost. Our adoption and education service will continue.

cat protection society victoriaThe clinic has since its inception operated discount de-sexing schemes to help encourage responsible cat ownership and thereby reduce the cat problem in line with our operating philosophy. Education of the community in responsible cat ownership is also an important area of the Society’s work.

Over the last 20 years the Society has also been actively promoting the recognition of domestic cats as part of the broader community, and has been very involved in the initiation and development of the Victorian State Government’s Domestic Animals Act in the feline area.

We were instrumental in founding the Cat Crisis Coalition to lobby government at all levels to introduce compulsory de-sexing for cats as part of an holistic solution to the cat overpopulation problem which sees thousands of healthy cats and kittens put down across our country each year.

The Society has demonstrated its commitment to its principles in being directly involved in all aspects of cat welfare and management.

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