Cat Adoption Melbourne & Kitten Adoption Melbourne

cat adoption melbourneFor cat adoption Melbourne, we are one of the leading shelters specialising in cat adoption. We also accept cats from within our area for surrender. Please see our information page for more information regarding cats for surrender.

You can call the hostel on 03 8457 6500 if you need more information. We are currently open between 10am-4pm Mon-Fri and 10am and 3pm Sat-Sun. For updates on opening hours, especially for public holidays, please bookmark our home page.

For Cat Adoption Melbourne, or kitten adoption Melbourne, you should bring proof of your current address and preferably photo identification such as your driving license. You can only adopt a cat or kitten  for yourself we do not allow animals to leave with third parties.

Cat Adoption Process

If you are wishing to adopt a cat as a present for someone, bring them with you as cats are individuals and bond with different people in different ways, the cat you may choose, may not choose your friend! It is also important to allocate time for adoption and we recommend you allow at least a couple of hours to get to know the cat and do the necessary paperwork.

cat adoption melbourneWhen you visit you will get to meet the cat and as this is a very important decision for both you and the cat you choose we will want to ensure the two of you are compatible and that you understand what will be involved in taking the cat into your home.

We have to be satisfied that you are prepared to be a responsible pet owner. Responsible pet owners at the most basic level, have their pets registered, micro-chipped and de-sexed unless they are registered breeders.

They also understand the issues involved in being able to properly care and take responsibility for the welfare of their pets. Most Councils in Victoria have limits on the numbers of cats you may own without a permit. It is important to check with your Council if you already own the limit and obtain a permit for the extra cat before adoption. We will require to see your permit.

We will answer any questions you have regarding cat care and help you to obtain any support you may need.

It will cost $135.00 for a kitten up to 6 months old, $100.00 for a teenager 6-12 months, $80 for an adult 1-6 years and $70 for an adult 7+ years. That price includes de-sexing, micro-chipping, current vaccination, worming and de-fleaing and a two week health cover. We will provide you with a cardboard carry box in which the cat can be transported home.