The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is seeking Directors for its Board. If being part of a skills based board is something that will challenge and reward you then the Society would welcome your expression of interest.

The Cat Protection Society has been a vocal advocate for cat welfare for over 70 years, and been instrumental in changing Government policy in regard to responsible pet ownership. Our Vision is that all domestic cats are valued and respected as companion animals. Our Mission is to successfully rehome as many cats as possible. Education of the community in regard to responsible cat ownership is an enabling strategy.

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is currently seeking Board Members who would be willing to work towards attaining the Society’s Vison and enabling its Mission.

In addition to the prime responsibility of the Board to maintain proper governance and to ensure compliance, the Board requires the following competencies.

  • Fundraising
  • Finance, Audit and Risk
  • Marketing
  • Animal welfare and veterinary services
  • Board structure, function, renewal and evaluation

Board Members are not remunerated for their services.

Please contact the Society’s CEO Ian Crook.

Office: 84576505 Mobile: 0417526667

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