Are you searching for the very best care for your Furry Family member?

Trust the team at The Cat Protection Society Cat only Veterinary Clinic

As a cat exclusive Veterinary Clinic, we have always considered ourselves to be for cats, but thanks to the official stamp of approval by the International Society of Feline Medicine, we are now globally recognised as a Cat Friendly Clinic. Our team are proudly cat obsessed and the experts when it comes to understanding, caring for and treating your furry family member. Located in Greensborough, our Vet Clinic provides cat doctors, surgeons, nurses and behaviourists as well as specific veterinary equipment to cater for your cat’s (or cat’s!) needs across their lifetime.

Our services include Vaccinations, Dental Procedures, Desexing Procedures, Health and Behavioural Consultations, Microchipping, Grooming under sedation, X-rays, soft tissue surgery and blood tests!

All of which are offered in an environment designed to minimise your cat’s (and your) stress when visiting the Vet.

If you are looking for well-priced, compassionate and expert care for your furry family member, there really is no better choice.

Special Offer: Book an appointment at our clinic and receive 10% off your first visit.

To learn more or to book, call 8457 6504