Where are they now?

At The Cat Protection Society, we are driven by our desire to see every cat that comes in to our care provided with their second chance at love, health and happiness. We just love learning how cats adopted from our Shelter are thriving in their forever home.

You can share your story by submitting your “Where are they now” update or by emailing us at marketing@catprotection.com.au


Logan was surrendered to The Cat Protection Society with another 7 Cats who had been neglected at a home Cat Rescue Organisation. Logan had to have multiple surgeries before he was available for adoption and was confirmed to be FIV positive. Logan spent almost 7months at the Shelter before being adopted by a Vet Nurse and her partner Scott and Logan has just flourished

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13 years ago, we adopted the biggest love of my life.

He was long and lanky, constantly hungry and had a big voice. The day we met, he jumped onto my brothers’ shoulders making a beeline for the exit and his cheekiness instantly made me love him.

You may remember him as Jay. We named him Pepè (Giuseppe when he’s in trouble) but commonly goes as Baby, Brat or Bugalugs.

He is still always hungry, still cheeky and still has the biggest voice. He’s in wonderful health, is the biggest cuddler, and follows you around everywhere. We often have breakfast together and as he’s getting older he’s more reluctant to wake up from naps.

Adopting Pepe was best thing I’ve ever done. He brings so much happiness, laughter and love to my life. Although cats are independent and often branded as being aloof, they provide the best companionship when they bond.

Although the vet can’t believe he is 13 – there’s a lot of years left in this little guy – I know he’s getting older and I wanted to say thank you for introducing us.

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We love a heart-warming happy ending. After spending months at our Shelter, 12yo Alfie was adopted in early January & has settled in exceptionally well with his humans Leanne & Tom. Rather than being confined within the Shelter, Alfie now enjoys watching TV on Leanne or Tom’s lap, exploring his new house & taking his position on a kitchen chair when the family eat. Thank you so very much to Leanne & Tom for providing Alfie with a 2nd chance at love, health & happiness- we could not be more grateful.

Smudge (aka Champ)

I just wanted to give you an update on Champ who is now called Smudge who I adopted on the 17th November. He has settled in really well and although I was a bit worried about how he would cope with 3 dogs I was pleasantly surprised. He was not bothered by them at all and he plays with them often, although the pug is definitely his favorite.

He is a beautiful, affectionate and relaxed boy and loves being involved with whatever I am doing. He is part of the family and I feel very lucky to have gotten him.

Thank you for all that you do.

PS. He isn’t usually allowed on the table but it was too good a photo opportunity to miss 🙂

Felicity and Smudge (aka Champ)

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Happy 20th Birthday Misty!!

Thought you might be interested to hear that a kitten adopted from you in April 1999 turns 20yo on the 1st January. She was 4 months old when I adopted her for my Mum’s 80th birthday. She was a wonderful companion for Mum in her last years. She’s been my cat for many years now and is so loved.  This is a photo from a couple of months ago. She is a real princess; 3 soft blankets are required for her rest!

Thank you for being there for Misty so long ago, and for all the cats since.


It has been two years since I adopted Reggie (she had been at CPS for ~2.5 years) and I thought I would let you know how she is faring.

She still loves spending time in her outdoor enclosure, especially on a warm sunny day. She will sometimes sit on my lap if I place a cushion there for her or she will sit next to me and put her two front feet on my lap. It is also her habit to come up on my lap most nights when I first go to bed whilst I am reading my book (happily purring away). She happily sleeps next to me most nights. Of course, she is still cheeky at times and will give me nip or a swipe of the paw, but that is just part of her character.  Her weight loss is slow going, but she has lost about one kilo overall.

Thank you for all the terrific work you do. I love it when a long-term cat finds a home.


An update on Samuel, a 5-year-old tabby, adopted in August 2018 he has been the most delightful addition to our family, whilst he loves a good sleep, he also has bounds of energy throughout the day chasing shadows, spiders and whatever he can find.

We can’t believe how playful a 5-year-old cat can be! He has bought a lot of extra laughter to our household especially when he’s entertaining us in his “crazy cat” mode. We can’t believe how lucky we are to have found such a wonderful companion.

Carolyn, Mick & Jack


Firstly, I want to again pass on my gratitude to you all for the fantastic work you do.  It is clear that you take the time to get to know and understand the personalities of each of your cats, then ensure you take an active interest in knowing those who come in as potential parents to these guys.

In early March I came in to have a look around and very soon was chosen by ‘Tommy’ who smothered me with smooches and purred like an engine.  I didn’t want to make an impulse decision so was there for quite a while, even then returning the next day before adopting him. Staff were incredibly patient and informative, helping me to talk it through.

One lady in particular was very gracious and generous with her time, but I cannot recall her name. She has light brown hair up in a ponytail and has been at reception when I’ve been in.

I brought in a few little donations for the kitties as a thank you and will continue to bring more.

I changed Tommy’s name but thought you might like to see how he’s going…Here are some pics of Figaro (Fig for short) named after the black and white cat from Pinocchio…

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