Where are they now?

At The Cat Protection Society, we are driven by our desire to see every cat that comes in to our care provided with their second chance at love, health and happiness. We just love learning how cats adopted from our Shelter are thriving in their forever home.

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Logan was surrendered to The Cat Protection Society with another 7 Cats who had been neglected at a home Cat Rescue Organisation. Logan had to have multiple surgeries before he was available for adoption and was confirmed to be FIV positive. Logan spent almost 7months at the Shelter before being adopted by a Vet Nurse and her partner Scott and Logan has just flourished

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Annie- Adopted March 2019

I came into the Cat Protection Society with my son absolutely heartbroken after having to put my 22-year-old cat down the day before after a short illness.  I was warmly welcomed by the staff who showed me all of the cats that were available for adoption.  After speaking to the experienced staff and 2 volunteers we finally decided on the deceptively shy and quiet “Annie”.

Annie was quiet when she arrived at her forever home and spent the next day in a makeshift cardboard box house.  Annie was still affectionate and interactive but felt safer in her box rather than venturing out into the house.  This all changed very quickly and Annie embraced her 3 new scratching poles and her 4 beds placed around the house.  She is an expert and running up and down the stairs an always lets us know she is around with her sweet little meow.

She has absolutely changed the whole feel of the house.  We have gone from unavoidable grief to absolute happiness and awe.

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Adopted June 2019

We adopted 9-week-old Jerry last Friday, after sadly saying goodbye to one of our two 6-month-old ginger’s (Abraham “Abey” Lincoln). In short, he’s settled in extremely well… our 6-month-old (Pizza Donald Trump) has taken him under her wing and happily shares all of her space (as well as coming to whack us on the head if he’s crying and we’re asleep). Possibly the loudest cat I’ve ever met… definitely not shy on telling us what he wants – which is mostly to explore other areas of the house (we’re staggering this in short bursts), to find the kids and spend time with Pizza.

He’s no issues with our two therapy dogs either, and loves to wrestle and play chasey with Pizza. In a nutshell he’s extremely fast, a quick learner, and looks like he’s going to be a pretty strong personality (and he loves whacking trains off the tracks).

Bowie & Gizmo 

Adopted June 2019

They are settling in great and have rule of the house now! Both their true characters have come out and Bowie likes to come have a snuggle on the couch but when his had enough (which doesn’t take long) he likes to retreat to the spare couch where he likes to sleep by himself. Bowie has developed a great obsession with the green Woolworths shopping bags and loves to crouch down and pounce at them before climbing into them a chewing at it. Gismo was very skittish at first but has settled in great and likes to sleep on my computer chair for some quite time before coming into the lounge room where everyone is an announcing his arrival but meowing really loud but has now developed the habit of following me around the house where ever i go.  He also enjoys watching me eat and isn’t shy about tapping my leg or my hand to just remind me he is there and that he wants food as well.  

Speaking about food both boys are very cheeky and try and convince people they haven’t been fed by meowing at their food bowls even though they have been fed a few hours earlier. Both boys like to sit at my door while I’m asleep but the moment my alarm goes off they like to jump up on my bed to wake me and have a pat, and their favourite time of day is at 3-4am in the morning where they like to demonstrate how fast they can go by running through the house!

These two cats are amazingly special i have given me so much love in the short amount of time i have had them and have made me laugh quite often as well!


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We recently adopted Molly and just wanted to send a little note to say a huge THANK YOU!

Molly, or “Mollycat” as she has been re-named by our toddler, has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family. She has slotted in so well and settled in much faster than we expected. It just feels like she has always been a part of the family! She very quickly became very comfortable with my partner and I and has also now just recently started joining my toddler as he plays on the rug (we did NOT expect this as he is quite loud and full of sudden movements!). She also joins us in his room now as we read bedtime stories, and he is constantly asking to have “Mollycat cuddles”. We think it’s great for him to have such a patient and beautifully natured cat from which to learn all the valuable lessons that pet ownership can bring. I love nothing more than on my work from home days, having her settled to the side of my keyboard, purring away!

Thank you for the service you provide to cats and their new families. We are so happy that we came and that Mollycat was right for us. We’ve attached a few photos so any of the staff who may be missing Mollycat can see how she is doing.


Gypsy (formerly Pearl)

We are loving our girl Gypsy. Sorry the kids wanted to change her name! She felt right at home immediately and is bringing our household so much joy. She explores the home everyday, is very active and so inquisitive. Enjoys a play with her toys and the kids and has lots of rest too. We bought her 3 beds, none of which she sleeps in! She has a few favourite spots in the house where she likes to cuddle up and sleep. We would like to get her some cat plants and grass. Do you have any recommendations or where to buy?
Here are some photos for you. Thankyou for Gypsy. She is the best Christmas present!! Merry Christmas to you all the the Cat Protection!


Patrick (formerly Wallace) 

Patrick (formerly Wallace) is an absolute joy. He claimed his home within minutes of arriving, and was sitting on my knee straight away. New sounds etc had him hiding behind the chair, but after only a few days it seems as if he has lived here forever. Has filled a huge void in my life after losing my sweet Mia, he has his own personality and decided on day 1 that he was NOT going to sleep in the laundry in his new bed, rather his bed has been moved onto my bed. One very happy boy and one very happy Mum.


Miaow, Cat Protection Humans!

My personal human met some of you at the Cat Lovers Show and she showed you a photo of how lovely I am!
I am very happy and have my human all trained the way I like her now. My favourite things are my dinner time bikkie hunt around the house, climbing onto a warm lap just as someone is planning on standing up, and harassing my human at an ungodly hour of the morning for breakfast. Yes, I read the Cat Manual!
I’ve just discovered my new water fountain and I have so many toys and beds that I am quite spoiled. But mostly I know how much I am loved, and I’ve developed a special relationship with my human. I am pleased that she specifically wanted a mature cat like me, and I am happy and healthy in my new life.
Thank you all for giving me a second chance!