Our Board

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is managed by a Board of Volunteers who work to ensure that the mission of our society is held paramount when determining the activity that we are involved in and support. Our Board members volunteer their time, skills and immense experience and receive no remuneration.

Our Board Members include:

Ian Crook

Chief Executive Officer

Joined The Cat Protection Society of Victoria as Chief Executive Officer in 2014.
Extensive experience in both Private and Public Industries and in the Fundraising sector,
Ian also has experience as a Board Member for another organisation

Ronen Atzmon


Ronen is a Commercial Lawyer with 20+ years’ experience in financial services and Commercial law with his own Legal Practice. Ronen joined The Cat Protection Society Board in 2015.

Kate Webster

Kate comes to The Cat Protection Society Board with a diverse work history encompassing the Building Sector, Recruitment, HR, Training and Fundraising. Kate joined the Board in 2016

Joanna Birdseye

Joanna joined The Cat Protection Society Board in 2018 with incredible experience in management roles with Government Departments including The Department for Health and Department for Human Services and Child Protection. Joanna has a wonderful empathy and desire to help those who aren’t always able to help themselves and is also a Board Member of Very Special Kids.

Tony Meggs

Tony joined The Cat Protection Society Board in 2018 to combine his experience as a CPA and love and passion for cats (with Tony’s 2 Cats adopted from Animal Welfare Organisations). Tony is passionate about working with the Society to improve education on responsible cat ownership.

Maria Nteris

Maria joined The Cat Protection Society Board in May 2020. Maria holds a BSC (Hons), PhD Pharmacy, is a Graduate of The Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Management. Maria is experienced in regulatory compliance in the not for profit sector

Donald Ward

Donald joined The Cat Protection Society Board in mid 2020 bringing with him 30 years experience as a Veterinarian working both within Australia and overseas. Donald has worked for a number of animal welfare organisations including the RSPCA Victoria, The Lost Dogs Home and The Cat Protection Society itself and is an active member of the Australian Veterinary Association SIG, Melbourne and The Victoria University Animal Ethics Committee.

Nicole Kepert

Nicole also joined The Cat Protection Society Board in mid 2020 with experience as a Conciliator, Mediator and OHS Professional. Nicole has a keen understanding of public campaigning and a demonstrated commitment to a number of philanthropic organisations, particularly animal welfare organisations. Nicole has held Board roles with a number of Education and Government based organisations and is Nationally accredited mediator and Mental Health First Aid professional.

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world with cats and humans being associated for over 10,000 years. It is estimated there are over 500 million domestic cats in the world

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