I came into the Cat Protection Society last Thursday with my son absolutely heartbroken after having to put my 22 year old cat down the day before after a short illness. I was warmly welcomed by the staff who showed me all of the cats that were available for adoption. After speaking to the experienced staff and 2 volunteers we finally decided on the deceptively shy and quiet “Annie”. Annie was quiet when she arrived at her forever home and spent the next day in a makeshift cardboard box house. Annie was still affectionate and interactive but felt safer in her box rather than venturing out into the house. This all changed very quickly and Annie embraced her 3 new scratching poles and her 4 beds placed around the house. She is an expert and running up and down the stairs an always lets us know she is around with her sweet little meow. She has absolutely changed the whole feel of the house. We have gone from unavoidable grief to absolute happiness and awe. I would highly recommend the Cat Protection Society if you are looking for a furry family member.


13 years ago we adopted the biggest love of my life. He was long and lanky, constantly hungry and had a big voice. The day we met,  he jumped onto my brothers shoulders making a beeline for the exit and his cheekiness instantly made me love him. You may remember him as Jay. We  named him Pepè (Giuseppe when he’s in trouble) but commonly goes as Baby, Brat or Bugalugs. He is still always hungry, still cheeky and still has the biggest voice. He’s in wonderful health, is the biggest cuddler, and follows you around everywhere. We often have breakfast together and as he’s getting older he’s more reluctant to wake up from naps.  

Adopting  Pepe was best thing I’ve ever done. He brings so much happiness, laughter and love to my life. Although cats are independent and often branded as being aloof, they provide the best companionship when they bond. Although the vet can’t believe hes 13 – there’s a lot of years left in this little guy – I know he’s getting older and I wanted to say thank you for introducing us and send some photos before I’m too heartbroken to do so.



Scout came to us as a scared, stray Mummy Cat who had sadly been separated from her babies (her babies had been caught but Scout was a little too smart for the trap). After a few days, Scout was caught and was able to be reunited with her babies. Even in the stressful environment of our Shelter, Scout embraced her babies like they had never been apart; she was the perfect Mum. However, Scout struggled in the Shelter and would only let our Shelter staff touch and play with her kittens while she watched on cautiously; Scout then went into Foster Care.

In Foster Scout was most comfortable in her open crate whilst her babies played outside of it with the Foster Carers. It took her a good 3 days to come out of her safe place with the enticement of chicken (this is her weakness), Scout would sit outside the crate and watch her kittens play with the humans but wouldn’t approach her Carers for pats for over a week.

Once Scout became a little bit comfortable out of her safe place she started to flourish. Scout started building up trust with her humans and hasn’t looked back. Each and every day her Foster Carers are amazed at her progress! She has become smoochy to pats (not a lap cat at this stage) but LOVES her chin & cheek rubs, this NEEDS to be done at Scouts approval/pace. Once comfortable she has become very kitten like in the fact that she will play with anything to keep herself amused, her favourite toys are feathers on wands/sticks and the laser pointer and she enjoys doing zoomies around the room. She loves to look out the window like a meerkat, up on her hind legs to see what’s going on in the outside world but seems quite happy/almost thankful that she’s in the safe place of her home, rather than out on the streets.

Scout can be very shy with new people, she seems to prefer females over males and takes a little while to build up her trust, especially with the males. For this reason, we are looking for an experienced cat owner/family that is willing to let Scout take things at her own pace, this means that you need to let Scout come to you and guide where she, herself is happy to patted etc. We promise you that if given the time to come around to you, Scout will repay you tenfold in love, accomplishment & entertainment with her cheeky kitty antics.

Scout LOVES other cats but is not a fan of dogs, so a home with no dogs is a must. She would also suit a home with older children that understand Scout needs to be the one to make the moves with them and not be forced into anything she doesn’t want to do, to be comfortable in her new home.

If you put the work into this beautiful girl, you won’t be disappointed. If you think you could provide Scout with her happy ending and forever home, contact our Shelter on 8457.6500