Che Che is a quiet 8yo lady who would also like a quiet home where she can sit and watch you work or simply keep you company. We would love her to find a home that knows and understands the needs and traits of the Persian breed. Che Che is currently in Foster Care to give her a break from the shelter and she is thriving! If you would like to meet Che Che please give us a call on 8457 6500 to arrange a meet and greet, you wont be disappointed!

An update from her Foster Carer –
Che Che has been in foster care for 2 weeks now, and she is loving it!!!
We have found that she is not too fond of other cats, dogs and young children and is a bit set in her ways. But she absolutely loves to sleep on your bed! She is quite happy to just laze her days away in the sun on your bed, couch or window sill, and watch the world go by. When you go to sleep, she will be by your side, or on your chest, sometimes your head gets the tail end! She loves a scratch behind the ears, and under the chin, and will head butt you till she has had enough. She is very clean, and her fur is starting to grow back nice and thick.

Being part Persian, she does have the grumpy face and the cattitude to go with it. And she will let you know when she has had enough with a smack (no claws out) and maybe a leave me a alone hiss. If you are after a independent self sufficient cat, who would love you around to be her slave, and feed her (especially cooked chicken!!) then Che Che is your girl.









We love a heartwarming happy ending. After spending months at our Shelter, 12yo Alfie was adopted in early January & has settled in exceptionally well with his humans Leanne & Tom. Rather than being confined within the Shelter, Alfie now enjoys watching TV on Leanne or Tom’s lap, exploring his new house & taking his position on a kitchen chair when the family eat. Thank you so very much to Leanne & Tom for providing Alfie with a 2nd chance at love, health & happiness- we could not be more grateful.


WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Noah (aka Andrew)

I adopted Noah on December 1st.  His name was Andrew. He’s super affectionate, but he is a huge pest at night! Haha.  I thought you’d like to see how he’s going.  Mr Pesty Noah pretty much owns this place.  He comes when I call and I’m happy to see him when I get home.  He is the smoochiest cat I’ve ever had.


Kindest Regards,




WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Smudge (aka Champ)

I just wanted to give you an update on Champ who is now called Smudge who I adopted on the 17th November. He has settled in really well and although I was a bit worried about how he would cope with 3 dogs I was pleasantly surprised. He was not bothered by them at all and he plays with them often, although the pug is definitely his favourite.
He is a beautiful, affectionate and relaxed boy and loves being involved with whatever I am doing. He is part of the family and I feel very lucky to have gotten him.

Thank you for all that you do.

PS. He isn’t usually allowed on the table but it was too good a photo opportunity to miss 🙂

Felicity and Smudge (aka Champ)



Happy 20th Birthday Misty!!

Thought you might be interested to hear that a kitten adopted from you in April 1999 turns 20yo on the 1st January. She was 4 months old when I adopted her for my Mum’s 80th birthday. She was a wonderful companion for Mum in her last years. She’s been my cat for many years now and is so loved.  This is a photo from a couple of months ago. She is a real princess, 3 soft blankets are required for her rest!

Thank you for being there for Misty so long ago, and for all the cats since.


Cheers, Robin