WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Noah (aka Andrew)

I adopted Noah on December 1st.  His name was Andrew. He’s super affectionate, but he is a huge pest at night! Haha.  I thought you’d like to see how he’s going.  Mr Pesty Noah pretty much owns this place.  He comes when I call and I’m happy to see him when I get home.  He is the smoochiest cat I’ve ever had.


Kindest Regards,




WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Smudge (aka Champ)

I just wanted to give you an update on Champ who is now called Smudge who I adopted on the 17th November. He has settled in really well and although I was a bit worried about how he would cope with 3 dogs I was pleasantly surprised. He was not bothered by them at all and he plays with them often, although the pug is definitely his favourite.
He is a beautiful, affectionate and relaxed boy and loves being involved with whatever I am doing. He is part of the family and I feel very lucky to have gotten him.

Thank you for all that you do.

PS. He isn’t usually allowed on the table but it was too good a photo opportunity to miss 🙂

Felicity and Smudge (aka Champ)



Happy 20th Birthday Misty!!

Thought you might be interested to hear that a kitten adopted from you in April 1999 turns 20yo on the 1st January. She was 4 months old when I adopted her for my Mum’s 80th birthday. She was a wonderful companion for Mum in her last years. She’s been my cat for many years now and is so loved.  This is a photo from a couple of months ago. She is a real princess, 3 soft blankets are required for her rest!

Thank you for being there for Misty so long ago, and for all the cats since.


Cheers, Robin