Our wonderful Members and long time supporters will remember Regina now Reggie, a special feline that needed a special home.  After waiting over 2 years that home was found Christmas Eve 2016. We love to receive updates on all of our felines especially the ones that waited patiently for the right human to come and sweep them off their feet.


It has been two years since I adopted Reggie (she had been at CPS for ~2.5 years) and I thought I would let you know how she is faring.

She still loves spending time in her outdoor enclosure, especially on a warm sunny day. She will sometimes sit on my lap if I place a cushion there for her or she will sit next to me and put her two front feet on my lap. It is also her habit to come up on my lap most nights when I first go to bed whilst I am reading my book (happily purring away). She happily sleeps next to me most nights. Of course she is still cheeky at times and will give me nip or a swipe of the paw, but that is just part of her character.  Her weight loss is slow going, but she has lost about one kilo overall.

Thank you for all the terrific work you do. I love it when a long term cat finds a home.

Kind regards




12th Day of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas. Introducing 11yo Alfie- don’t let his serious appearance fool you. Alfie is a great big gentleman! Alfie is placid & is at his happiest sitting on your lap. Alfie is looking for a quiet home (without young children) where he can spend his retirement lazing around. If you think Alfie would settle in well at your home, please contact us on 8457.6500 or pop in to our Shelter before 3pm today.


12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought we would introduce you to 2 of our Shelter Cats hoping to find their forever home. Che Che is an 8 year old, Persian Cross who is looking for a quiet home where she can sit & keep you company as your “one and only” feline friend (Che Che isn’t a great fan of other cats). Mr Muffin is 10 years old, super chilled & affectionate & hoping to find a home with adult company (and no other Cats) where he can retire too. Can you help Che Che or Mr Muffin? We are open until 3pm today- pop on in for a visit.



12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

It’s hard to believe Christmas is now only 5 days away & could there be a better way to celebrate the festive season than with this gorgeous girl becoming a part of your family? Our day 10 Cat of the Day is Shyla- a stunning 12month old torti who is as loving as she is adorable & would make a wonderful companion. If you can provide a home for Shyla, contact us on 8457.6500 or pop into the Shelter today before 4pm.


12 Days of Christmas – Day 9

If you are thinking of adopting an adult cat, pop in & meet Little Miss our Day 9 Cat of the Day. Little Miss is a 2 year old, lovely, friendly affectionate & inquisitive young lady who would suit most homes. To say thank you, when you adopt Little Miss we will also throw in a gift pack for her valued at over $48.


12 Days of Christmas – Day 8

Evie is a sweet, gentle & quiet girl who was surrendered to us when her owner become unwell. Evie is 10 years old & is looking for a quiet home with a loving human companion that she can enjoy her twilight years with. Evie isn’t coping well with Shelter life & is desperately hoping to find a loving family to spend Christmas with. If you can help, contact us or pop into the Shelter.




12 Day of Christmas – Day 7

Can you provide a home for Toby? Toby is 9 years old & likes to be in the company of his human companion- following them around the house, cuddling on the couch or sitting nearby for a chat. Sadly, Toby is struggling in the Shelter environment- hiding himself away & unable to show his beautiful personality to those who visit. If you can provide a quiet, loving home to Toby with no other animals, both Toby & the CPS team would be incredibly grateful. Pop in for a visit or contact us on 8457.6500.

12 Days of Christmas – Day 6


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is now only 1 week away. We still have some wonderful adult cats that are hoping to find a loving home to spend Christmas with, like Pudding Pie, our Day 6 Cat of the Day. Pudding Pie is a 2 year old torti with a beautiful nature, striking looks & absolutely loves attention & a chat. Pudding Pie would suit most families & would happily live with another cat. If you can help Pudding Pie, pop in to our Shelter before 4pm today or contact us on 8457.6500.

12 Days of Christmas – Day 5

Day 5 Cat of the Day is the adorable Peaches. Peaches is a 3 years old stray who was a initially a little shy, however has quickly blossomed into a real smoocher who loves a pat & belly rub. She doesn’t love being picked up but will happily stay close for pats. Love to adopt Peaches? Visit us in Shelter today & we will also provide you & Peaches with a gift-bag valued at over $48.



12 Days of Christmas – Day 4

Day 4 Christmas Cat of the Day is 4 year old Meila. Meila was bought to us as a stray & has now spent over 80 days in the Shelter- she is desperately hoping to find a family to spend Christmas with. Meila is reserved & because of her background, can take a little while to warm up to people. Meila would be best suited to a home with no children & an owner with experience & understanding from looking after cats. We would be so incredibly grateful if you could help Meila. Our Shelter is open until 3pm today & tomorrow or give us a buzz on 8457.6500.



An update on Samuel, a 5 year old tabby, adopted in August 2018.  

He has been the most delightful addition to our family, whilst he loves a good sleep, he also has bounds of energy throughout the day chasing shadows, spiders and whatever he can find.  We can’t believe how playful a 5 year old cat can be! He has bought a lot of extra laughter to our household especially when he’s entertaining us in his “crazy cat” mode.

 We can’t believe how lucky we are to have found such a wonderful companion.

 Carolyn, Mick & Jack







12 Days of Christmas – Day 3

Introducing 3 year old Ginger. Ginger is sassy, confident, adventurous & cheeky. Ginger isn’t super needy- she enjoys human company but is at her happiest playing & keeping busy. She can play a little rough, so would suit a family with older children or adults & will happily share your love with another cat or friendly dog. If you can help Ginger, visit our Shelter today before 4pm, or contact us on 8457.6500. And as an added thank you, we will also throw in a goodie bag for Ginger with adoption valued at over $48.

12 Days of Christmas – Day 2


Introducing the stunning Daisy. Daisy is 4yo and has been at our Shelter for almost 80 days- she doesn’t demand too much attention, but is at her happiest with a scratch on the cheeks. Daisy doesn’t like other cats so is hoping for a home where she can be kept indoors as is your one and only. If you can provide a home for Daisy, contact us on 8457.6500. Plus, if you adopt Daisy or any other adult, you will receive a FREE gift valued at over $48.


Extended Christmas Hours

Our Shelter will be open until 8pm this and next Thursday (13th & 20th December) to provide you with even greater opportunity to visit and adopt a cat or kitten in need before Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas – “Cat of the Day”


Introducing Polly- 19month old Polly has been at our Shelter for just over a month. She is an incredibly sweet & beautiful girl, however is a little shy & would enjoy the company of older children & adults. If you could find a place for Polly in your home & heart this Christmas, give us a call on 8457.6500 or pop down to the Shelter. Plus, adopt before Christmas Eve & we will provide a gift for Polly valued at over $48.