WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Rusty & Trapp

Hi, just wanted to say my husband and I couldn’t be happier with our two beautiful kittens ❤️ they have brought such joy to our lives and we are so glad we got two so they could become best friends! Thanks for all the hard work you do – can’t recommend you guys enough!!


Are you looking for a super low maintenance companion? A man of the night? Then Toby is your man!

Toby loves nothing more than lazing the day away under his or your bed covers.

‘Happy Hour’ starts between 6-7pm for Toby where he will love under his chin being scratched, belly rubs, head bops and any attention you are willing to give him, he’s also happy just chilling with you while you watch T.V. then it’s back to bed for this dude as he’s all partied out by around 10pm.

Toby doesn’t like the shelter environment so isn’t quite himself in here. He can be a little shy at first but once he knows that you want to be his friend, he’ll be begging for attention once ‘happy hour’ rolls around.

He is looking for home without other animals so that he can have the dance floor all to himself as he doesn’t like showing off his moves. A home without children would be ideal as children tend to be a bit much for this old man to take.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Ziggy and Pistachio

I adopted Ziggy last Oct/November and Pistachio in May this year. Pistachio was a kitten when we got him but now he’s fully grown into adorable white floofball. They love each other 😻😻😻


Logan is a stunning 7yo who is everthing you could want in a feline family member, he is an affectionate smoocher that does not have a nasty bone in his body.He loves everyone including other felines, we don’t understand why he has not been adopted! Logan is FIV+ so needs to be an indoor only guy. Come and meet him at the shelter or give us a ring on 8457 6500 for more information.



WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Benson (now Billee)

Hello to the kind people of the Cat Protection Society!

On Sunday we came to you and fell in love with this beautiful cat and we couldn’t be more excited. He has settled in perfectly and has such a lovely, calm yet playful personality. He loves our carpeted spiral staircase as many other cats have before him and has easily become comfortable with our house. He has sat with me as I study and done very normal cat things like walk on my laptop, sitting under beds and finding his way into all the kitchen cupboards. 

I have never been happier to be woken at 2am as he only wanted pats and attention and I found later he did this to everyone in the family. He is still a little startled by loud noises or people walking outside if he can see them through a window but has managed very well with our busy household and continues to settle more every day.  

Thank you so much for looking after him for the time you did so that he could find his way to us. 



P.S. The name Billee was found on google translate as the word for cat in Hindi, although I think it may be the female form we found that it fits very well 🙂