Cat of the Week – Nerone

Nerone, is a beautiful big 5yo boy, but definitely not for little children. He is more of a boxer type cat, affectionate when he wants to be, but will soon let you know if he has had enough. He loves a pat and scratch, but loves to play rough.

Are you the ones to give this misunderstood puss a home?


Hi Team

Thought we’d share a 6 month update for Coco formerly known as Pusskin.

She has settled in to family life so well and absolutely loves having lots of love from the 6 of us!

The kids took a little while to feel comfortable with Coco as she was a little snappy at the start but they adore her and happily pick her up for cuddles all the time.

Her happy place is eating too much, flat on her back, being tickled under her chin until she’s had enough and wants to wrestle you!

Banyule City Council Announces Free Cat Desexing

Banyule City Council Free cat desexing on again – book in now!

Banyule’s popular and free cat desexing program will be running again in March 2018.

This includes desexing, microchipping and registration of your cat/ cats.

Open to all Banyule residents, this regular program gives you the chance to help reduce Banyule’s stray cat population and also do your bit for your cat, other residents and our native bird and animal population without it hitting your hip pocket.

It’s first in, first neutered or spayed! Bookings are essential via Banyule City Council Customer Service team on 9490 4222.


What:             Free cat desexing and microchipping

When:           15 – 30 March 2018

How:              To book a spot, call Customer Service on 9490 4222

Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is coming early for us at the Shelter. This Sunday, 11th February, we are holding a special Valentine’s Day Event in honour of the seniors looking for love at our shelter (senior cats, that is).

Every Adult Cat over the age of 7 will go home with a free handmade scratching post, so you’ll go home with a scratching post, a forever friend, AND unconditional* love. Now that’s sharing the love!

To view some of our lovely adults for adoption, click here

*Conditions Apply. Must be treated like royalty, fed regularly, have undisturbed nap time, and pats whenever desired.


We saw Asher at CPS in 1990. He was a 4 month old skeleton, and we had to wait until he put on weight and passed his medical. We had him for 16 years, big wussy sooky boy, love him to bits, out of all the cats we have had, my ginger boy was so very special.


WHERE ARE THEY NOW- Chester Copperpot


We adopted little Chester Copperpot (Pie) last Saturday afternoon and the whole family is totally in love with him! He is so curious and gives the best snuggles, it’s like he has always been here! Thanks to you all.


I recently adopted Batcha from the Cat Protection Society and he has settled in like I never expected; like he knew he was at home as soon as he walked in the door. He is a stunner, I just adore him!

I’ve never met a cat so chilled, Batcha is just a dream. He is now the apple of my eye, just like my other kitty baby.

I am forever grateful to you guys at the Cat Protection Society. You must have given him such a wonderful, super loving environment to grow up in and that’s made him into the gem that he is today.

And a special thankyou to Jacqui for doing such a wonderful thing and inviting Batcha into her loving home and fostering him from a newborn into the sweetest teenager that he has grown into today.

He definitely wouldn’t be this amazing if it wasn’t for all of you hard work and dedication to helping cats.

Thank you so much Cat Protection Society, you guys do an amazing job! Keep up the amazing work the cats are so lucky to have you all caring for them I’m sure they’re very happy.


(Batcha says hi!)

Have you met the Lovely Layla?

Layla is affectionate, sweet, playful and a joy to be around.  However, poor Layla does not enjoy the company of other cats at all, which makes it especially hard for her being in a shelter.  She is kept in the shelter office away from the stress of being around other cats but would much rather be in a home than an office.

Layla has some nerve damage to her front left paw which is another reason it’s so important that she gets into a home where she has much more room to move and exercise. After seeking a specialist’s opinion we hope that with time and continued exercise the nerves will repair themselves and she will once again have proper use of her paw.