We adopted Millie from the shelter almost two weeks ago now, and she has settled in surprisingly quickly.  She’s a bundle of relentless energy, and keeps us all on our toes.  She is an absolute delight. Our son, an only child, is overjoyed by her mischief. Here she is with our slightly perplexed dog , James.

Many thanks,

Melissa, Gavin, Ben and James


It only took a few days for Wally to take over his forever home.

Just wanted let you know that Wally is settling in beautifully- Fiona

Batcha- A Special Kitty’s Plea- I’VE BEEN ADOPTED!

I’ve Been Adopted!

Batcha is a beautiful young kitty, who we have fondly nicknamed ‘The Gruffalo’ because of his silky black coat and white tufts of hair in his ears! His beautiful long whiskers on his face, and his expressive eyes, melt your heart.

He is extremely playful, loving and always wanting to be around you. He loves to curl up on your lap (when he has had enough playing) and loves other cats, dogs and children. He can be a bit naughty like trying to hop in the fridge, dishwasher and laundry trough! He is a laugh a minute, and has a V8 motor engine for a purr!

Batcha is a conditional adoption as we truthfully cannot tell you how long he has. He has a mystery condition that sometimes causes him to cough when he has done too much. He could live months, or it could be years… but here at CPS every cat deserves a home.

Whatever it is, he is too special and needs that Home to give him fun and love for his time. He is bound to leave imprints on your heart, he certainly has with us.

If you would like to meet him, give us a call as our foster carer is holding him ransom!

Are you the ones to give this mischievous boy a home?



Three years ago now I adopted Fi. She is a lovely affectionate cuddle cat, and an amazing companion to my older Bengal. She’s the second cat I’ve adopted from you. I lost Annabelle of 15 years a few months before adopting Fi. Annie was beautiful, too.

Thank you for doing the amazing work you do.


We adopted Klaus and have been smitten as a kitten since, he is such a beautiful, loving, affectionate kitten. He loves cuddles, belly rubs, play time and is getting along amazingly with his family. Klaus has settled in fantastically even after the second day. He’s confident and such a joy in our lives. We’re so grateful that we found him to adopt.

Many Thanks to the team at Cat protection society And all you do for these beautiful little cats and kittens.


Angel’s Angel

Remember that 42 degree day Melbourne had a few weeks back? Most of us were stuck inside under the air conditioning or floating in a pool. One person, however, was not. And neither was a young kitten.

Behind a store, in a cardboard box, was a severely dehydrated and unwell kitten. She was dumped there and left to fend for herself in the blistering heat. Thankfully a lovely man found the kitten and brought her to the Cat Protection Society. He saved her life.

The kitten, now named Angel, struggled to survive for the first couple of days. Round the clock care from our Vet Team brought her back from the brink and now she’s fighting fit. We’ve also discovered she’s deaf. Not the best start to life but Angel has taken her lot in life in her stride and we are seeing a beautiful, affectionate and cuddly kitten emerge.

Because she is deaf, Angel is very clingy and if she feels scared she will cry out for a cuddle and reassurance. Which we are more than happy to give her. She’s an adorable ball of fluff with a big heart.

Cat of the Week – Maggie


ID STA001620
NAME Maggie
AGE 8 Yrs

Maggie is a special case. When she came into our Shelter we discovered that this lovely lady was suffering from skin cancer on her nose. Our friendly colleagues at Eltham Veterinary Clinic surgically removed the cancer after which Maggie then spent some time recovering in foster care. She is now ready for her new home. Maggie is a beautiful, talkative, affectionate and well-mannered cat who needs to be indoors only. Will you be able to provide this special girl with a special home?

From her foster carers: Maggie settled into our home very quickly. She explored the living area almost immediately and tried out various sleeping spots to find her favourites. She approaches new environments with curiosity and hasn’t displayed many negative behaviours. We are able to leave her alone at home and not worry about her. She enjoys being close and will lay at your feet while you sit on the couch or at the dinner table. She doesn’t jump up on furniture or kitchen benches, although she will climb up on the couch if she’s keen for a pat and to curl up next to you. Maggie is very fond of dinner time and will let you know when she’s hungry with her little meows. She is perfectly litter trained, happy to have “conversations” with you, and a perfect companion.

Cat of the Week – Layla


This emerald eyed beauty came to us as a heavily pregnant mum with an unexplained foot condition.  Layla was a fabulous mum and very attentive. Now that her kittens have grown up and have been adopted to their own special homes it is finally this Layla’s turn to be looked after.  After seeing a specialist it has been diagnosed that Layla has nerve damage to her front left paw that the vet believes will repair itself within 6 – 8 months with some special care and a small amount of rehabilitation each day.

Layla will suit a family with older children and can definitely hold her own with dogs.  However she really does not like other cats so must be the only feline of the house.  This lovely lady likes to snooze alongside you when it suits her or at least close by; she is always up for a quick hug and head butt and is really quite playful.  A scratching post is a must have.

Any home would be lucky to have Layla as an addition to their family, she honestly is a sweet and easy-going girl once she is settled and comfortable.

If you are interested in adopting Layla, please give us a buzz and our vet will happily talk to you about Layla’s foot rehabilitation process.

Where are they now – Teddy

I adopted Teddy a week ago and I promised to send an update with photos – so here they are!

I’m super in love with this handsome guy.  He’s blossomed into a happy, confident chap who strolls right up to my visitors to say g’day. He’s always close at hand, especially when I head into the kitchen or anywhere near his food supply cupboard.  Teddy loves to be my little spoon while I binge watch Netflix on the couch or head to bed for the evening.  I love to spoil him silly and spent ages in the pet shop this morning while I chose a selection of super premium wet foods for him to sample.  He has toys galore, a scratching post and a cardboard scratcher (which he ignores, despite the application of cat nip spray).  Mostly he just loves to nap in one of the many comfortable places available to him and usually by my side.


I’d really like to thank you guys for the work you do in caring for these gorgeous cats – I truly admire you.  I’d also like to say thank you for the help and advice I received while meeting your cats and making the decision to adopt Teddy.  I love him to pieces.


I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, and I wish you a very happy and safe new year.