CPS Vet Clinic announces Discount Desexing Scheme

Our very own Vet Clinic is proud to announce a discount desexing scheme

Discount Desexing Opportunity for Concession Card Holders.

Pet owners who hold the following concessions cards issued by Centrelink, receive a 25% discount off scheduled veterinary fees for desexing;

– Pension concession card
– Low income health care card
– Commonwealth seniors health card

Desexing voucher’s are available from any council that participates in the Cat Desexing Voucher Scheme.
To redeem your voucher you’ll need to bring photo ID (with your current address) and the applicable card.

1. Ensure your concession card is valid and photo ID with
your current address.
2. Collect your desexing voucher from your local council.
3. Ring and make an appointment with our CPS Clinic.
Enquiries: (03) 8457 6504.
4. Bring your voucher, Concession Card and photo ID/address.

Please Note: All of these items MUST be presented at time of appointment.

*If your Council does not participate in the discount desexing scheme, please call our clinic to discuss alternatives.




Just wanted to update you on the beautiful Mufasa I adopted from you a few months back. He caught my heart the minute I met him loading me up with cuddles and purrs; he chose me and I am so glad. We took him home to our small one bedroom apartment expecting him to be very shy for the first week or so. After an hour he was walking around the place as if he owned it. We are greeted with purrs and cuddles from the minute we step inside and he thoroughly enjoys snuggles on the couch. He is 5 years old but plays like a kitten. His favourite toy is a fish on a string and he will do backflips and launch himself across the room to pounce. We could not be happier with the beautiful majestic Mufasa; he is the best companion anyone could ask for.





I can’t believe it’s been more than six months already…. [Henrietta] has settled in pretty well although my other cat is still not too impressed but they have their own parts of the house so they don’t come into contact with each other all the time.

Henri spends a lot of time guarding the house (looking out the windows or doors ), talking to the birds …she also loves to chase balls or bits of paper up and down the hallway or jump out from a hiding spot and surprise you then run find somewhere else to hide. She is endlessly curious; always trying to see what you are doing or what you are eating. She smells everything before I eat it; I figure she’s just making sure I don’t eat anything bad?

Adopting Henri has certainly helped lessen the sadness I felt losing my old lady (Mumma Snow) to kidney disease. She will always have a special place in my heart but Henrietta has her own special place there too now. So thank you for helping bring us together.

I think it’s been a win-win situation for us both.

Regards Exene


In Loving Memory of PRINCESS


Hi There I would just like to thank you guys. 13 years ago I adopted a teenage cat from you guys and admittedly I knew very little about cats at the time. My 4 year old daughter desperately wanted a kitten so we came in not knowing it wasn’t kitten season. One of the staff members suggested we have a look at the teenage cats and even though we wanted a kitten we had a look anyway. After walking into the enclosure within a minute a tortoiseshell cat rubbed itself on our legs and followed us around. My daughter instantly fell in love with her. We went home to have a think about it and decided that she was for us. The first couple of days she hid behind furniture unsure of her new surroundings but slowly she got used to us and was extremely affectionate. She slept on the end of our beds and loved to be held in our arms like a baby. We named her Princess. She was a very delicate cat somewhat small and petite and she had a heart murmur which the vet told us may result in a short life span. Everyone fell in love with her when they met her as she was so friendly. As she became older she never slowed down always was active and playful. She gave us many years of fun, love and affection. Sadly last month we lost her from heart disease after 13 years which was a lot longer than we we expected. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting her into our family. We were devastated to lose her but so grateful for the years she gave us.

Many thanks from the Cook family xx


Sadie is a beautiful sweetheart. But she is quite timid around new people. She will quite often come out when our rooms are quite, and its just you and her. She loves pats and scratches around the head, but does not like to be touched near her tail, this seems to scare her a little. Sadie does not really like to be picked up, so cuddles may be rare, but something you can work on! She may be suited to someone who wants quite company or for someone who wants her to catch mice! You can see that she is good at that! We do feel that she will come out of her shell more when she is in a home environment, as she is improving here everyday, more willing to accept attention, and even looks for it now. Sadie came in as a stray, so we do not know her history or how she will be with other animals. Is Sadie your match?

What’s On – Wyndham Pet Expo

We are excited to be a part of this year’s Wyndham Pet Expo.

CPS Staff will be on hand to answer questions, sell CPS merchandise for you and your feline, and our very own face-painter! We will also be raffling a great prize on the day. All proceeds will go to the care of our cats. Can’t wait to see you there! The Expo is being held this Sunday, the 17th September, 10am to 4pm at the Wyndham Civic Centre.


For more information on the WYNDHAM PET EXPO, click here


It’s been just over 3 months since we adopted Floyd from the Cat Protection Society! Here are some pictures of him settled into his new home. He is absolutely hilarious, and makes us all laugh so much. He loves sitting in front of the TV with his family, rolling on his back to expose his fluffy tummy, sitting in the sun and looking out the window and bringing us his toys! His favourite toy is a string of yellow fluff attached to a pole that we bought from the Cat Protection Society, he carries it around the house in his mouth and brings it to us when he wants to play. We love Floyd so much, time after time he makes my day with his very funny antics and adorable personality ❤️

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Misha and Koala

Well the baby’s have been with us for almost 3 weeks and already feel like we’ve had them years.

We kept their names the same as they suit them so well, they were both settled with in a day or two.

We’ve had no issues with them as a pair and they love to play together. Though Mish wears the trousers!



Cat of the Week – CINDY


This chubby faced cherub was briefly with a foster carer but due to unforeseen circumstances has had to return to CPS. Although she appears very timid, once in a home she opens up and will quite happily sit on your lap or cuddle on your bed. We would love for her to be able to leave the shelter environment and find the perfect home where she can flourish. Cindy would be best suited to a quiet household.


Read Cindy’s Profile. Click here