This is Ginny, we adopted her over 13 years ago from the CPS. She loves the morning sun and a chat! We are glad she found her forever home with our family and fellow cats.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Oscar and Octavia

Oscar ?and Octavia ? have been with us only a few months but it feels like so much longer! They love to play fight and follow each other around the house or snuggle next to each other. They each have their individual personalities and make us laugh daily! We are so grateful to the CPS for the chance to adopt these beauties.

Blind Brian’s heartwarming Story


Cheer up Brian…

I think we all know who Blind Brian is by now; the old blind cat with barely any teeth who found himself with us one Friday afternoon, scared, confused and very lost.

Brian’s story is a heartwarming one.

Our ranger brought Brian to us after being found wandering the streets of Eltham. Seeing that he was blind and old, yet super friendly, we immediately put a call-out on our Facebook page in hopes of finding his owner. Even though the post was shared over 1000 times and liked by over 700 people, Brian’s owners never came forward, and we never found out his history.

Brian stayed with us during his pound time, and when it was time to assess his progress, we knew there was a new forever home just waiting for the little fella, somewhere, we just needed to find it.

But before we could, Brian needed a ‘makeover’. Our CPS vet microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated Brian, and gave him some super TLC, which he lapped up. Brian couldn’t get enough of cuddles; he would hold you around your neck and not want to let go. The staff fell in love with him.

We then sent him to All Animal Eye Services, where Dr. Simon Hurn performed major eye surgery to save what little vision Brian had left. Dr. Hurn did an amazing job; he removed the problem eye and treated the remaining eye, which now has partial vision.

Brian even got a special write-up in the Herald Sun in hopes he’d find his forever home, which worked!

Grace saw the article and immediately came to meet Brian and instantly fell in love. We can tell the feeling was mutual, because Brian loved being in her arms, and didn’t want to let go.

So he didn’t. Grace adopted Brian when our vet gave the all-clear for him to go home. So Brian will never have to let go again.

While we’ll miss Brian, we’re all so happy he’s found his forever human and has the second chance at happiness that he so rightly deserves.

All the best Brian, and, as Monty Python says, “always look on the bright side of life”



WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Donna and Zeke

Donna and Zeke

Remember these guys? 


Well, they’re back, three years and still just as gorgeous as ever. Here’s what their owner, Victoria had to say;

“Hello everyone at CPS!

Just wanted to send another quick update about Donna and Zeke (aka. Rosie and Ollie). They are both doing very well! They now have an annoying little brother who loves them but drives them crazy! They are still very happy and have all settled in nicely.”

Cat of the Week- Pierre

Meet Pierre

Pierre is a real character! If you can handle a little love bite here or there, Pierre will keep you entertained for the rest of time.  He needs owners that are fully aware of his quirky behaviour.  He can be very lovable when he wants to  be but will let you know when he has had enough.  He is absolutely beautiful to look at and would suit a family with older kids or a couple.

Abbey “he is a cheeky boy, very affectionate when he wants to be”

Sophie “ loveable and cheeky”

Rhianna “Gorgeous, funny, cheeky and just a little bit naughty”

Read Pierre’s full profile here

In Memory of: Trixie


It is with great sadness that we write to let you know that we recently lost our darling Trixie (formerly CPS No: 7556).


We adopted her from you 16 years ago and she was a truly wonderful addition to our family and gave us a lifetime of joy and happiness.


Trixie came to us with only 3 legs but it didn’t stop her from having a full and happy life.


She put up a valiant lion-hearted battle to the end with the great strength of spirit so evident throughout her life but unfortunately nothing more could be done and she had reached the end of the road.  The house feels so empty without her and we miss her immensely.


Trixie was such a great companion and got me through many dark days a couple of years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer – she was always there and very calming and I’m sure she knew something wasn’t right – animals can definitely sense these things.


Our lovely vet came to our home and we were able to say our last goodbye here which was a great comfort to us.  She’s now got a beautiful resting place in the garden.


With many thanks for all the good work you do.


Anne & Geoff


Cat of the Week: Costa – ADOPTED!


Costa is our special Cat of the Week. Here’s what our staff have to say about this awesome dude;


Abbey: “ He is a sweet boy, who loves cuddles and will do anything for a treat”

Rhianna: “ He has really blossomed since coming to CPS and will hopefully blossom further in the right home”


ID SUA001155
NAME Costa
AGE 5.5 years
TRAITS Big Boy Costa is a lovable guy; just give him a chance and the space to get to know you and he will blossom under your love. Costa is on a special diet and will need to remain on this diet once in his forever home.

Bastille Day at CPS

We’re getting into the French Spirit and celebrating Bastille Day.

We’d love for you to join us at CPS this Friday, 14th July to rejoice in all things red, white and blue, and eat a croissant or two…

Our cats will be decked out in the fanciest of French collars to compliment the occasion, and we’ll be Marching on to the tune of Frere Jacques all day long.

This is the adoption event of the season; we will have flags and streamers, and cats with tricolour bow ties!

Adopt one of our cats or kittens and go home with a treat…

Viva La France!

Cat of the Week – Prince Georgie

Prince Georgie- I’VE BEEN ADOPTED!

Prince Georgie is a tall and smoochy 2yo boy who loves to cuddle. The head-butt is his favourite move!
He is a talkative cat with a love of adventure. He would like a home to roam around and call his own. Georgie would prefer to be the king of his own castle, free of very young children and other pets. This little prince will flirt his way into your heart and win you over in no time!


This is our flabulous feline Lochie – adopted 26/01/03 from CPS and now lord and ruler of all he surveys!   Mostly an indoor cat (with occasional forays into the garden) who just recently had his 15 year old check up and the vet gave him a perfect bill of health for a senior cat. (He’s still unimpressed at the title ‘senior’ since he connects with his inner kitten daily!)

He’s just the most divine creature – apparently the runt of the litter but now 6.6kg (down from 7.5kg) and an absolute giant! 
He’s almost half dog; he used to get in the bath with our daughter when she was a toddler (now 12 year old) and play with her bath toys, much to her amusement! He loves to play with toys and comes when called. The vet thinks he may be part Maine Coon and he certainly trills his opinions regularly and loudly!

He’s the best investment we ever made