I’d love to show you how Winston is doing… He’s sitting on me rubbing his face onto my laptop right now.

He likes to sit on the bench seat right below our projector screen. 


He always jumps on my legs (between my legs specifically) to relax when I’m watching a show.

There’re more photos of him on my instagram (ID : sparklessujin) if you’re interested.
He was meowing at night time quite a bit making us exhausted the next mornings, but we’ve tried to play with him intensely for an hour before bed and that helped. Playing with him, warm cuddles and belly rub, and feeding him with big meals are what we do now before we go to bed. He likes to sit near the window and sliding door just longingly looking outside, but if I open the door, he’s a bit hesitant. He went out to our garden a couple of times but wasn’t sure of himself so ran back to our house. I encouraged him to come out and assured him that it’s okay but I guess he needs a little more time to go for an adventure.

He hasn’t scratched any furniture or equipment around our house yet which we were worried about the most. However, he likes to scratch our carpet so we bought him a scratching pad and put a big blanket over the carpet where he normally scratches which he uses 7 out of 10 times for scratching now.

He is just so adorable; following wherever we go meowing and showing interest in what we do. VERY CUTE!

He was having trouble with going to the toilet for the first month but now he pees in the litter tray. Re poop, he only puts his front feet into the tray and thinks he’s good to go! So mostly misses leaving poop just outside of the litter tray because his back feet are actually outside but we lift him up to get in the tray if we catch him doing that. We’ve got 2 litter trays in the house and he uses both.

I made his house with the cardboard box and warm cloth inside but he only likes to rub his cheek around the house not really getting in there yet. He likes to sit on our dinner table chairs, our sofa, our bench seat, or just the carpet.

We’re feeding him with the special diet (dry food), wet food (canned one), sardine, raw meat, water and milk. He loves the milk and the wet food. And of course, raw meat always works. ?

He mostly just sleeps and cleans himself during the day and wakes up at about dinner time. He’s very gentle with our relatives (kids) but hates any visitors generally! Our sister-in-law is a cat “expert” but even she is not welcomed by Winston. But I found Winston’s better with small female humans than big men. He’s now slowly letting our visitors pet him though.

He’s having a bath on the bench seat where the sun is right now.






Hi there!

Thought we would send you an update on the beautiful CJ (previously known as Ellie). She’s settled in well, regularly chasing ribbons around the room and staring at random spots on the wall. It’s only been 5 weeks and we can’t imagine life without her! Thanks so much for all you do for getting these little ones into their forever homes.



Extended Opening Hours

Get excited… We are!

We are extending our weekend trading hours so you can spend more time with our cats and kittens, and we can spend more time trying to find them loving homes. Win Win wouldn’t you think?

Commencing Saturday 3rd June, CPS will be open Saturdays and Sundays 10am- 3pm.

Now that’s something to Meow about.



WHERE ARE THEY NOW – The Tornado Twins

Thank you so much for bringing these two furry tornados/bundles of cuteness into our home. We’re delighted to be chosen as their forever humans.  

We would like to express our gratitude for the vet taking such time to discuss the kittens’ minor heart murmurs with us. It’s very reassuring to know we can provide them with suitable care. 

The boys have settled in wonderfully. The medium-hair is the brave one, always exploring and willfully climbing on things. The short-hair is a lover, not a fighter, and is so purry and sweet.

Many thanks, 

The Grays


I would love to share an update story on Zapaterro, adopted nearly eight weeks ago:

Zapaterro has settled with our family very well. He has a relaxed lifestyle; sleeping in a sunny spot in the house during the day and on a rug in front of a heater in the evening.  Sometimes he enjoys having play fights chasing his feather wand or a shoelace. Zappy is a ‘foodie’ and likes to spend time in the kitchen checking on the various activities. He is a gorgeous ‘gentle giant’ with his spectacular striped coat and wonderful range of different voices he uses to talk to us.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt him. He is very much loved!

PS He now barracks for the Cats footy team!


This is Tilly who we picked up in December from you guys. She’s grown quite a bit and has a personality like no other!


Mini has been with us for a few months now and I thought you might like another update. She had her last flu vac the other week – one more FIV vac and she is done.

She is a bundle of energy and bounces around the house entertaining everyone. She has been accepted by all my other animals but loves my four year old cat the best. He plays with her quite a lot but then remembers that he is a grown up and suddenly stops.

She has a lovely temperament and is very cute.

Thanks for saving her.



I adopted a beautiful tortoiseshell kitten yesterday, just sending you a couple of photos to show you how she’s settling in 🙂 I’ve named her Val



‘Batgirl’ is so mischievous! She’s still in the process of meeting all of her new doggie siblings one on one before meeting the whole gang at once which I would imagine would be overwhelming for any cat. Her new siblings are very protective of her already and protect her as if she was their baby; licking her and sitting close to her and growling at me when I go to touch her. She’s doing really well and has settled right in already and must literally have every cat toy imaginable. Unfortunately she’s not so interested in all of them so I’ve decided to donate the ones she isn’t interested in to the Cat Society when I’m in the area next. Here’s a few photos and videos of her in action.

She’s changed my opinion of cats completely, I’ve always been a dog person but she’s so opposite to what I dislike about cats and she’s my dream cat and so loving and boisterous. She’s very cuddly and has to be touching me or my partner while we sleep, it’s so funny!

Which personality does your cat have?

The amazing Natalya Dundovich Animal Behaviour Consulting, who works with CPS, talked to the Today Show about finding your purrfect match. Which cat would suit you best?


Heads up – 7 News segment.

Heads up- for those of you who may have missed the news last night.

Poisoned cats

BREAKING: A popular brand of cat food has been stripped from shelves after claims it has killed some family pets and made others critically ill.www.7News.com.au#7News

Posted by 7 News Melbourne on Sunday, 7 May 2017



Tinkerbell has only been with us a few days bit I think it is safe to say she has well and truly settled in. Thanks so much.


Dog Lovers Show

We’re part of the Dog Lovers Show from Friday 5 May to Sunday 7 May!

Joining other charities and rescue organisations this year, we’ll be providing information on cats, responsible cat ownership and cats for adoption at the shelter.

There will be CPSV merchandise for sale, along with everything your cat needs to stay healthy and happy. We’ll also have free info packs and staff will be on hand to talk all things cats and answer any questions you may have.

Tickets can be purchased here: http://dogloversshow.com.au/melbourne/