Hi everyone at the Cat Protection,

I thought I’d give you an update on Sebastian and send you some recent photo’s and videos.

He is very happy and I am so lucky to have such a beautiful boy, we are soul mates and I’ve loved every minute of having him.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


Click for videos of Sebastian!  Another video of Sebastian …And another!

Kittens, Kittens and more Kittens!


I adopted Charlotte when she was about 4 months old. She was adopted 4th April 2015. She was so very shy at first and didn’t want anyone near her.

Now she’s so full of life with her new little sister (Isabelle). She rolls on her back for a belly scratch which she loves. She has really come out of her shell since we adopted her and I would like to thank you for such a beautiful kitty.



We are over the moon with our new baby girl, previously one of the three musketeers, now known as Chilli. From day one Chilli fell in love with our big boy Leroy (4 year old staffy) now renamed big daddy ?. They are inseparable and have really bonded so well. We are so happy and made the best choice. Thank you ?

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Rosie and Lady

Mary sent us some beautiful pictures of her two new forever felines. Judging by the photos, Rosie and Lady have taken no time in settling into their new surroundings!


We purchased a cat from you the last time we visited in 2004 and apparently the cat was 4 years old then which makes her 17 now. “Phoebe” is still going strong, still jumping 5 foot high, running around, has never EVER been sick or even had an operation and still looks young. In fact it really is quite remarkable and lately she is attracting quite a bit of attention as the ‘forever young’ cat after I posted a photo of her on Facebook. I have attached a photo here and thought that you could include her in your ‘Where are they now?’ section. This may help encourage people to get their cats from The Cat Protection Society dispelling any myths that your cats are old, unwanted or unhealthy – Phoebe as you can see is quite the opposite.



Hi my name is Molly. My human came to pick me out about 6 years ago now from the Cat Protection Society. Well Infact I picked her out by sticking my paw out of the cage and onto her should as she was checking out another kitty. I thought no she’s mine. Anyway my name back then was Angel. Human soon figured out I wasn’t one so now called Molly. I am the apply of her eye. She would be lost without me. The best thing we have ever done is meeting each other.



It’s been over 3 years since I picked up a young fluffy black female cat from the shelter.  Her name was Maxine.  I call her Max or Maxy Moo.  🙂


I brought her home because of her colour,  her willingness to have her fluffy belly rubbed and the fact she’d been at the shelter for near on 3 years.  I wanted to give this little lady a home.


It hasn’t been an easy 3 years.  She has anxiety, fearful of her own shadow.  She would wee where she stood when things got too much for her, she would hide and would not come anywhere near me.  It has taken patience, love and understanding.  But I can honestly say, that hard work has paid off. Her anxiety is settled although she’ll never be super confident.  She absolutely adores me.  I can’t sit down without her on my knee which is amazing from where she was at.  She rolls all over the place, exposing that beautiful big fluffy belly and she loves when I rub it.   I’ve taught her to stand up and touch her food bowl to get her meal at mealtimes and she knows her favourite word din-dins.  Her eyes widen and she bolts to her food bowl.  She’s playful, loves the laser pointer and is a very loving, affectionate cat.  She starts purring just when I walk into the room.


I wanted you to know, this jumpy anxiety ridden lady is safe and in a loving home getting all the love and support she needs. I adore her and all the funny things she does.   Below is a photo of her standing on me looking like a princess, now 7 years young Xxx


Hi everyone,

 Just thought you might like an update on our newest family member.

Meet Morgan, formerly known as K7 (yet to be named as he was only with you for 5 days)

Morgan has settled in absolutely perfectly. He’s getting plenty of fun and play time chasing my 4 year old son all around the house, but still loves a good snuggle on the couch. Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work finding these beautiful cats and kittens their forever homes.

Sarah, Matt and Nathan xx


‘Hannah’ was adopted 12.11.16, and had her name changed to Bonnie. And she is – bonny/beautiful. She’s still quite nervous at times, perhaps always will be, and quite suspicious of things like flea treatments. But she’s made herself comfortable everywhere in the house and backyard, as can be seen in the photos. She likes flopping down on a lap too. But she also gets quite frisky running halfway up verandah posts and chasing a toy mouse under furniture. Luckily she’s got a very quiet meow. She’s altogether a delight.




This is our gorgeous boy Ziggy who we adopted a year ago from cat protection society. We love him so much❤

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Puss Puss and Lily

Hi there,
I wanted to send some photos of the 2 before cats I adopted from you. (Different times)
Black & white cat named Puss Puss (son named her). I adopted her about 2 years ago now. She’s loving life with her friend Lily (I got about a year ago now)
Lily is the most beautiful cat I have ever owned. She is just so loving and wanting cuddles all the time..
Puss puss always needs the attention on her. Its her way or the high way ?
I am so grateful of them both.

You guys do an awesome job. ?



I adopted Aayla two years ago. She’s brought so much joy and affection into my life and is loved by all who meet her.



7 months ago I picked up my little devil from your shelter. I must admit I thought I picked the wrong girl; turns out I was wrong! She’s awesome and the perfect one for me!

I had second thoughts because I didn’t know much about her; I always adopted kittens. I even considered bringing her back! But I’m so glad I stuck with her, shes is endless fun and joy and I love her sooo much. I now call her my raven ?


“Chewie” now goes by the name of Milo and keeps his adopted family constantly entertained since moving in about 18 months ago. He’s a busy bloke whose hobbies include, playing with and hiding people’s shoes, finding awkward places for a nap, playing hide and seek, watching TV and boasts an impressive drinking straw collection. He’s a funny guy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.