When we bought our new female tortoiseshell tabby kitten home from Greensborough CPS in Jan this year, our three year old white and tabby boy was not very happy; refusing to eat and sleeping under the couch instead of sprawled on the bed or computer chair. But after a week of scent swapping and separation he started to come round to having someone else in his territory. He is now loving playing with an energetic partner and contentedly swaps food dishes with her. She loves to snuggle up to him, but knows to sometimes give him some distance.

She is a joy to watch exploring, playing and growing. She is going to be a beautiful adult. So happy we made the decision to get a second cat.

Thank you CPS and to all the people who support it.




We adopted this beautiful kitten who we have named Percy on Tuesday 31/1/17 and he has settled in really well. I’m sorry that I haven’t emailed sooner, but a couple of days after he arrived we tragically lost our 7 year old cat  Ziggy – he was run over and killed. Ziggy and Percy had met and it looked like they were going to be best of friends. The whole family has been completely devastated by the loss of Ziggy, but we have very much appreciated the presence of Percy who has really helped to ease the pain. The timing was unbelievable and if we hadn’t already adopted Percy, I can’t imagine we would have been able to get another cat for quite a long time.


Anyway here are some photos of Percy and I will send more in the future. He has the loveliest nature and is really the sweetest little thing.


Kind regards,





Here is Minki, AKA Cherry, who I picked up this morning. Confined to the bathroom for a few days, the boys are taking it in turns spending time in there getting to know her. Our other cat Sam took a sniff at her carry cage this morning when she arrived and ran out the door, but there was no hissing or swiping, so hoping they’ll get along eventually. Slowly slowly.

We have fallen in love though, she is a sweet little girl.

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Here is more of my baby Seth’s pics in our new place. Seems like he is happy and still playful.

He loves my room, the bed, nice play stuff too.

Torah (Tortoiseshell cat) and Candio (the mature-aged Pomie/Maltese dog) knows how bossy Seth really is! So they are more careful to give him extra privacy! 😉

We’ve all settled into the new home. I am so exhausted, unpacking the packed items. Still yet to unload. These adorable furballs don’t want to help make the move easier, but I do enjoy the challenges with such strengths and zeal…

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Buda and Pesh

This little family moved into our home in January.  They are now very much part of the family and run madly around the house, full of playfulness and energy.  Mum (Buda) and son (Pesh) took a while to lose their skittishness, but now after three weeks they curl up near me for their rests, greet me on my return home, and are responding appropriately to ‘get off the table’, ‘get off the bench’ and ‘no scratching there’.


They are such a delight to share space with.