WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Pocket and Lulu

Hi Everyone, just wanted to give you an update on Pocket & Lulu who became part of my family on Dec 10th. After a few days inside getting to know their new house they ventured out to the backyard which is fully enclosed cat space.


They are still exploring & learning all the new sounds of the neighbourhood but love the fresh air & sunshine. Lulu particularly likes the raised hammock bed, as you can see.

Pocket just loves to talk & watch the butterflies.


They have settled very well, and we are looking forward to many years together.

Thank you for all the special work you do. I hope you are in your new building soon.

Pocket, Lulu & Jo

Cat of the Week – Arly


The Purrrrfect Pet for your cat

Arly needs a patient home that is willing to let him come out of his shell at his own pace. He very much enjoys the company of other cats and will most likely prefer interacting with other cats over humans. If you are looking to adopt a “Pet” for your cat and provide him with a safe and secure environment, with the understanding that he will prefer the company of your cat over yourself, then Arly would be perfect for you. We believe that every cat deserves a second chance, especially those who a struggling to find their paws in this world.

Arly would best be suited to a home with another semi-confident and playful cat.

Arly needs a loving home and a patient owner, so please consider including him as part of your family.



Hi there,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update 1 year on from adopting our beautiful boy Broxy.

He has become such a big part of our lives, he is well and truly part of the family. He has grown so much, and his favourite thing is finding a nice warm lap to curl up in.

We couldn’t imagine our home or our lives without him. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of giving Broxy his forever home.


The Navarro family.

Merry Christmas

From all of us here at the Cat Protection Society of Victoria, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’ve had a busy year with the new Shelter building making positive progress and so many cats and kittens going to their forever homes.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in some way, whether it be financially or you donated your time, goods, or adopted from us or shared the love on our social media… it was because of your support that so many cats and kittens found their forever homes.

Thank you for making our 2017 one of our best ones yet!


The Anderson’s helped us this year by fostering all of these gorgeous felines.


REGINA! An update from our 2016 Christmas Miracle Cat

We were THRILLED to get this update from Regina’s forever family. Just to jog your memory, Regina, who had been with us for just under three years, got adopted just before Christmas last year to the BEST home! She was one of our ‘special’ cats, whose strong personality needed the right forever home. And she found it.


Here’s the latest;

Hi CPS – Merry Christmas to you all.

I adopted Regina (Reggie) from CPS one year ago on 23 December 2016.  Reggie’s story really touched my heart, as she was about to spend her 3rd Christmas at CPS.  I was a bit hesitant adopting her, as it can be daunting adopting a senior cat, but I was reassured by the CPS staff who spent a lot of time with me on the day I adopted Reggie.


CPS took the time to characterise a cat, and there were no surprises with this information at hand. Reggie is a confident cat and she settled into her new home very quickly.

I invested in a outdoor cat enclosure which consists of a tunnel that runs along the back of the house that leads to a tower that houses a hammock; there is a further tunnel that runs along the carport that gives Reggie an elevated view of the back garden. Reggie loves basking in the sun in her cat enclosure and spends a lot of her time outdoors (safely) in mild weather.

She loves sitting on her pedestal positioned at the lounge window and checking out the birds, passing traffic and the neighbours. She loves pulling things out of my cupboards and she loves watching other cats on YouTube on the TV.

Reggie also commenced a concerted effort to lose some weight about six months ago, and has lost about 0.7 kg and now weighs about 6.1 kg.

Like her moniker (Regina) she is the queen of the house. Like most cats, she will do exactly as she likes. She decided early on that she was not going to have the laundry as her bedroom. She splits her nighttime sleeping between being on my bed and staying on the back of her chair in the lounge. She loves accessing her enclosure throughout the night and has managed to catch these small reptiles about the size of a finger (a couple of times) that I have managed to release alive and well into the front garden.

She is not really a cat that sits on my knee, but she is happy to sit next to me on the couch when it takes her fancy; she loves to chat and purr. Reggie can give short shrift with a nip or a whack with her paw when she has had enough attention, but she is never really nasty and it is just part of her character (and my inability to leave her alone because I love and adore her so much).

I really admire that CPS kept her for 2.5 years and gave her the chance to find a forever home with me. Although she was not a cat for others, she is the perfect cat for me. She makes my house a home. I have included a few photos of Reggie from this last year.

Thank you for all the terrific work you do with cats and kittens.


Kind regards


Merry Christmas from the 1st Epping Joey Scouts

Christmas came early this year for the Society’s felines when they got a very welcome gift from the 1st Epping Joey Scouts.

What could bring more joy to those little whiskered faces than a box FULL of handmade toys? Nothing! The Joey Scouts got creative this year and made a variety of toys using different shapes, colours, and materials.

The toys are a hit with our Kittens!



Tommy has been in his new home for just over a month now and he is loving life. He has gone from being a timid lap-cat to a curious adventurer who is super playful and loves zooming around the house. He’s always ready for belly rubs and cuddles though. Thank you for introducing us! We’re both very happy.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and that all of your cats go to loving homes!


Edwin- the three legged cat

For a little tyke, this fella sure has had a rough start to life! Edwin was surrendered to us in bad shape. So much so that our vet team had perform four major surgeries on Edwin;

1) Edwin had a genetic deformity on one of his legs that had not been treated. Since birth his leg was deformed, and it was causing him so much pain and discomfort it couldn’t be saved. Our vet team had to amputate the leg.
2) Edwin had a huge hernia on his belly that needed to be removed.
3) Edwin had to have dental surgery to get some teeth removed.
4) and finally, Edwin was desexed!

Edwin is still recovering and getting used to a life with three legs. We’re hoping there’s someone out there to adopt Edwin and help restore him to full health. He’s shy and timid at the moment because he’s had so much done to him, but we are seeing signs of improvement each and every day.

UPDATE: Edwin is wobbling about on his remaining legs and his personality is beginning to shine. He’s chirpy and curious and is very excited at the prospect of going to a forever home where he can continue to gain confidence under your tender loving care.

Edwin, recovering nicely

The deformed leg, pre-operation


Hello my name is Pixie  (formerly Iris).

Its been a few weeks now and as you can see I am settling in with my new owner Amanda.

I love  to snuggle up when she is watching tv and I  am slowly becoming friends with Peppi her little dog although she gets a little jealous of me.

I’m so grateful to the Cat Protection Society for my new home.




I adopted Sugar Plum one week ago. She is such a gorgeous little cat. Very affectionate, talkative, loves company and her food! Sugar Plum is always interested in what I am cooking.

I have renamed her Charli, it just seemed to fit.

She has settled in really well.

Here she is enjoying her new home.




This is Colson. He is named after a sprint car driver who raced in our hometown, Tauranga, New Zealand. We adopted him 2 years ago. The day we came to the Shelter was a hot day just before Christmas. There were 2 cages with kittens. The first cage had 3 kittens in it. The second only had Colson. We took Colson home that day.

Colson is a special member of our family. He is super tolerant. We have 2 children with Autism and he is our unofficial therapy cat. Our son seeks out Colson when he’s upset and cuddles him and talks to him.

Sometimes Colson can be a bit cheeky and randomly pounce on our youngest daughter’s legs. And he has got it in for our eldest daughter’s pink fluffy slippers.

Thank you for rescuing Colson and all the other kitties. Our family wouldn’t be the same without him.

A Christmas Message

And just remember, if you’re looking to adopt a cat or kitten as a Christmas ‘gift’ for someone, PLEASE bring the person with you to the Shelter, as we do not allow ‘gifting’. Make the ‘gift’ the trip to the Shelter, where the person can personally bond with their own Forever Friend. Because, as we all know, a pet is for life, not just for Christmas.

Cat of the Week – Bessie Lou

Bessie Lou

This gorgeous girl has a wise soul for such a young girl.  Bessie Lou is almost 2, she loves a pat and is a lady of leisure.  She is confident enough to let you know when she dislikes something and would prefer the company of mature humans only.

A very special ‘Where Are They Now’ – Abigail

Abigail was a cat nobody wanted to take ownership of. The neighbourhood fed her but nobody really loved and cared for her.  She was brought into the Society when they discovered she was pregnant and subsequently she had her kittens at the Shelter.  All her kittens were adopted but nobody wanted to give Abigail a chance because she was shy and timid and didn’t seem to want to interact with humans.  Abigail was happy in the company of other felines and spent her days bird watching. But as Abigail’s feline friends came and went, Abigail did not. She stayed at the Shelter for 3 years.

Sandie came and spent hours with Abigail and the staff to find out how she could give Abigail the perfect home. Sandie adopted Abigail and gave her the second chance no one else was willing to give her.

Don’t overlook the shy, quiet or older cats. Every one of them deserves a chance and with time and patience Sandie and Abigail have proved anything can be achieved.

This is Sandie’s latest update, two years on;

Jorjah-Abigail is now ever-present in the house and really loves being with my little dog Graci, and me.  Jorjah works hard at winning Graci’s affection and even though Graci would never admit it, I know she’s fond of Jorjah.  The attached photos will give you some idea of how they’re bonding.  As you can tell, neither of them like having their photo taken.

I can now stroke Jorjah at any time and have just started being able to groom her with a mitt.  That said, she’s still very dubious about my hand in front of her but if I close my fist she’ll occasionally walk up and have a sniff without reacting.

We’ve had another break-through.  I’m now able to apply Advocate treatments at home which will give her extra protection and also eliminate the traumatic vet visit every 3 months for worming……even though she’s very manageable at the vet’s, the poor little poppet would soil herself, and the carrier, during the car ride.

Yes, things are pretty rosy in the world of Jorjah-Abigail.  She’s a precious girl and I really enjoy her company.

Our very best wishes to everyone at CPS and here’s to a very bright new year for all,

Sandie and Jorjah-Abigail


Where are they now – LULU

Hi I just wanted to give you an update on 11 year old Lulu. She is fitting right in at home, it’s like she has always been here. She is very social and loves hanging out with the family. We are looking forward to having our first Christmas with her.