I just wanted to drop you a short note on how Milo (aka. Dustin) is going. He’s been with us only a few short weeks and yet it feels like he’s been part of our family forever. I’ve never met a cat so affectionate and talkative!

Thank you to all the team at the CPSV and a special thanks to Ruby who was very helpful and kind when we were there.

I’ve sent you some photos of playtime – Milo with his favorite toy ‘feather on a stick’ closely followed by ‘I only pose for treats’ …


Thanks again!

Kind regards


milo-01 milo2


Just a quick little update on Scooter… He has settled in very well with our other cat, he loves his new brother  Follows him everywhere.

He is still quite shy around us but is slowly warming up. He is becoming more playful and likes exploring around our house.




The Seth Files

November 2016

After the book fell off the table,

kitten Seth’s like:

“Mum, it wasn’t me that did it.

It was gravity himself.”

[So he keeps making the innocent look]


Those gorgeous orange eyes

makes mummy want to exempt her

energetic Seth!



September 2016

Look at my kitten Seth with such a full wide body? We’ve seen him grow up in photos.

I couldn’t believe it until I looked back at how much he’s grown! Such a big eater he is, with his vast diet. Later to grow into a big cat.

I think he will weigh more than my previous cat Sunny (8 yrs) who was 4.6kg. He was big too, but looks like Seth is already bigger in size for his age. Although, Torah my other Tortoise Shell cat is petite. She eats well, but does not put on much weight.

I always knew Seth is a good eater, when I first saw him, he was the only one munching away his food, while his siblings were playing in the litter. So I really had to pick him instead.

Since I wanted a big cat to help me heal from losing Sunny to his cardiac arrest earlier this year. Oh well, at least I have another ginger cat who’s in good condition.

I hope to manage Seth’s good weight.

Seth is due to see the Vet soon.

All is well, he’s been lazing around on the bed after running around and being playful. A shy but a big eater is my baby boy! 😉

seth seth1 seth2 seth3

June, 2016

I am just giving an update on kitten Seth. He has been very healthy and eats a lot. And, still playful because he is still a baby. Here’s some snap shots of him. Hopefully, he becomes big cat like Sunny. Aww…

seth timelineseth13 seth14 seth15 seth16 seth12







March, 2016

I came with my mum to CPS to pick up a ginger kitten, in compensation for my indoor ginger cat who had died from cardiac arrest at the hospital in February.

I was grieving and still will be.


I know I’ll always miss Sunny, the chubby ginger with white I’ve had for 8 years.

Now my new kitten is doing well. Settled in. Loving his new home and especially my bedroom. It will take awhile for my tortoise shell cat Torah to get used to the new kitten while she’s missing Sunny too.


Now, the kitten is energetic, eating and sleeping a lot and purring loudly. So strange the little fella purrs so loudly at such a young age of 11 weeks old.

I’ve decided in calling him Seth.

I cannot believe how smart Seth is! And, he knew how to use the litter tray since the day he got here. Aw, so gorgeous and smart is he!


Thank you for protecting our Precious Felines, oh dear Cats Protection Society, you’re all doing such a good rewarding job.

Keep it up! 🙂


Hello lovely people at Cat Protection Society of Victoria,


Nichole` here, proud new mummy to Miss Kiki who came with me to her forever home a bit over a week ago. I would like to report that Kiki is blossoming in her new home and has grown in size and weight since her arrival to be my furbaby! Kiki is playing eating and sleeping very well but has acquired the name “cheeky Kiki” due to her mischievous adventures around the house  🙂

She has become my little lamb, following me everywhere I go, and sleeps curled into me in bed or on the pillow next to my head …..when asleep during day I often find her stretched out on her back in total submission wanting her well healing tummy rubbed!  However adorable I believe she is becoming happily bossy, ruling the house hold of her human family and can’t  wait to explore outside in her intriguing looking gardens in a couple of months 🙂

I would like to thankyou for the wonderful care and start to life you provided Miss Kiki, and let you know how happy we are together and how quickly she has settled into her forever home with her infatuated  mummy 🙂 Kiki is much adored by the whole family !

Many thanks,


img_5114 img_5115 img_5116 img_5117 img_5118 img_5119 img_5120


We have named our cat Roughie [we are Hawthorn supporters so he is named after Roughead].  He is responding well to the name.  He is very playful and plays with the granddaughters.  He loves to be stroked and generally be the centre of attention.  Regards Janet and Terry img_3443

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Bridget Jones and Baby

Dear Friends at the Cat Protection Society,


We are totally in love with our new family members who we have renamed Candy (Bridget Jones) and Marshmallow (Miguel). They have settled in well and we were delighted to discover that Marshmallow is still nursing from the ever patient Candy. Feels very special to see how close they are at this precious time.


Thank you for taking care of these two so well. They are so relaxed and snuggly, it feels like they were always meant to come to us.


Kind Regards


Samantha & Scarlett

bridget bridget4 bridget3 bridget1 bridget2   bridget5


Our beautiful cat, Daisy adopted about 2 months ago. Still shy but very loving already.

All in good time!

img_6114 img_6122 img_6717


Hey guys, we adopted Morgan a couple of Sundays ago and I just wanted to send some pics. He’s settled in so quickly and loves his new home as much as we love having him here ?15128714_10153905306987382_1780078560_n 15129969_10153905307067382_987399642_n 15134297_10153905307382382_325728915_n 15135651_10153905307127382_1024570396_n 15151489_10153905307232382_1719781396_n


Here are a few pictures of our boy Simba who roars like a lion.
 It’s like he’s been with us forever. He’s a loving boy. Simba is an amazing cat, he’s super smart; when I tell him to go to bed he’s not happy about it but he goes!

15058574_10154089057449117_1483790917_n 15087018_10154089059239117_107544004_n 15135500_10154089058084117_1485791875_n


Meet the latest member of the Tanner Street team – Dot the Rescue Cat. We don’t know much about her, she is 13, and had been at the Cat Protection Society for about a month. She was a bit disoriented but is settling in splendidly, and does this weird thing, like a Meerkat, when she wants your attention… as you can see.


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Azalea came to live me yesterday.  She has settled in so well. She has found all her favourite spots.  Such a sweet puss!!!
2016-11-07-08-24-07  20161106_152903 20161106_201503

2016-11-08-11-23-50 2016-11-08-11-23-50 20161112_213525

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – Billie Holiday

Hi, just wanted to update you guys on Billie Holidays progress, i dont think he even had a name yet when we adopted him (just over a week ago), but he is settling in nicely and is such a playful, sweet and smoochy boy, he is very confident now and already has free run of the house and is extremely interested in the backyard (he’s not allowed yet). My older cat seems quite taken with him and he is very good and respectful with her. He’s basically a dreamboat

14937821_10210382727305913_1143693404_n 14962963_10210382733346064_850117621_n 14971844_10210382729385965_1746895979_n 14971849_10210382727945929_1796048257_n 14997012_10210382741186260_215876287_n


I adopted Shadow a couple of months ago and it already feels like he has been a part of the family his whole life! The day I brought him home he settled in right away. Exploring every nook and cranny and making good use of his new bed. He is extremely affectionate and his preferred spot to lie down is on your lap or under the covers with you in bed.

He absolutely loves getting brushed – he will roll around so you can get to his tummy, purring loudly. Shadow is a vocal cat. I already know what he wants from the way he meows. He is also very smart. I taught him how to sit in less than one minute! Now he sits before every meal.

Shadow has started to show his inner kitten – running around the house pouncing on bits of fluff. He may be 10 but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him!

I feel very lucky to have him in my life. Adopt don’t shop! And remember, senior animals have a lot of love to give and make wonderful pets. They just need a chance!

– Beth

20160924_114717 20160928_084740 20160929_201729 20161010_082141


Hi, we got Brutus the last Thursday and he is very happy and bossy in our home, we are happy to have him with us.

brutus brutus1 brutus2 brutus3